Playstation 4 release

Playstation 4 is soon to be released in the USA on November 15 at midnight and November 29th in Europe. This is cause for alarm. So, I wanted every reader to be aware of the recent mass shootings at LAX, DC Naval Yard, and the New Jersey mall.

Lines and mass appeal attract crowds and that is known in the military as a target rich environment and an easy target to a mass shooter. If we are unaware of the possibility of an unstable individual taking advantage of consumer spending habits, we are more vulnerable as a society.

Frequently, violence occurs during large events like Black Friday or Football games. We can end this mentality by identifying the causes and the motivations that exist to allow these people to operate without fear of being discovered.

I’d like everyone to spread the word and be extra vigilant on November 15th and the 25th-26th in the USA and November 29th in Europe.

Do it for your loved ones!



About Take The Gate

A web based blog about Ohio and intelligence gathering tool for the spread of aletheia, logos, and, sophia (truth, reason, and wisdom). Looking through the glass darkly.
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