Hamilton County Justice Center & Court House Rules

Is it fair to make up rules for public property up as we go along? Apparently so!

The Hamilton County Justice Center & Court House rules effective June 15, 2008 state that the deputies of the sheriffs and security officers can put you out of the building for any dress code violation they deem inappropriate. This would enable a judge to issue an arrest warrant and set up the indigent member of the public, the innocent tourist, and the disadvantaged homeless.

Directive #13. “Any other clothing that is deemed inappropriate by security staff.”

It is no joke. Divisions of local law enforcement seem angrier in their actions toward free speech, attitudes, and attires. Some branches of law enforcement have become literal fashion police.

“OCTOBER 24–A Florida city last night passed a legal ordinance intended to crack down on the saggy pants menace threatening many U.S. communities.” – The Smoking Gun.

These types of victimless crimes and directives should be categorically filed under “It’s the stupid, Florida.”

On Tuesday November 5, 2013, I was browsing the directory of the Hamilton County Justice Center. After volunteers were ordered to leave the atrium for their signage (Note: no directive on the list for a signage prohibition), without any visible sign on my person, I stayed behind to ask questions and more to the working deputies about said directives.

As I proceeded to leave, I was then illegally detained by one deputy Fry (spelling may be incorrect) and illegally questioned about my identification. When I proceeded to leave again as asked, I offered no response but;

“I’m an anonymous citizen. I’m not required to produce identification,” and I continued to ask deputy questions about these very directives in a civil manner.

Next, I was illegally detained without probable cause or suspicion of committing or about to commit any crime. When I asked, what crime deputy Fry accused me of committing? Upon refusal, I was again illegally asked to produce identification by one deputy Fry.

Fry then accused me of representing a protest group and took what I was wearing as a hat from my head. Other people were present who wore similar attire in different manner of fashion were video recording the incident and shocked by the misconduct on the part of the deputy Fry.

Every volunteer and attendee present represented different ideas from anti-corruption to courageousness without any formal structure. An idea is not a protest. Perhaps, deputy Fry wanted to support the idea of turning a blind eye toward high level criminals willing commit corruption.

Moreover, I understand the necessary decisions by a court and its actors to prevent people who could taint the outcome of justice during a trial. Nevertheless, there was only intimidation on the part of the deputies. Furthermore, this happened close to 4pm and we had nothing objectionable to any court docket(s) in session.

After being taunted by an immature acting deputy Fry, I believed he would not return stolen property without starting an altercation. Being polite, if this had been my friend, I’d have been laughing with them. My later reflection deemed this his inappropriate misconduct and miscalculation by the deputy, but not callous. After he decided to steal my property, I was wearing like a hat. I was left only with the tool of deescalation. Therefore, my stolen property was returned, and I have decided not to file a complaint of the matter with the appropriate internal affairs division of the current Sheriff Jim Neil..”

I later told deputy Fry as he left from the sidewalk, “You mad bro?” and that “It’s okay not to cry inside.” and to “Have a nice day!” =D

I do believe most of the deputies there didn’t care about common sense reason and I wanted to explore their reasons for their overreach for educational purposes. Most if not all were on autopilot there as they were “just following orders” like in Germany before the second world war (“Papieren bitte? Papers please?”). Of course, there was no public posting of any of these directives at the entrance to the Hamilton County Justice Center & Court House and I have posted the appropriate video of the atrium.

Jail1, Jail 2, Jail 3, Jail 4, Jail 5, Jail 6

Here are the directives in full and a link at the bottom:

 “DRESS CODE FOR INMATE VISITORS -Effective June 15, 2008

  1. Shirt and shoes must be worn at all times.
  2. Pants/shirts must be free of holes and in clean condition.
  3. No pants hanging or fitting below the waistline.
  4. No “Spandex” shirts or pants.
  5. No clothes of sheer or see-through (mesh) material.
  6. No muscle shirts, halter tops, crop tops, tank tops or strap t-shirts.
  7. No midriff baring shirt/blouses.
  8. The neckline of the shirts/blouses must be appropriately modest
    (No plunging neck or backs).
  9. Skirts and Dresses may be no shorter than 2″ above the knee when standing.
  10. Shorts are permitted only if they are modestly cut (No upper thigh or buttocks visible).
  11. Undergarments are required as a condition of any visit.
  12. No coats, sweaters, or other attire permitted to be worn to cover   inappropriate dress.
  13. Any other clothing that is deemed inappropriate by security staff.”




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