Nov. 5th election makes 61 percent victims of 29 percent

As you may have guessed, we deserve the best and worst government we get on election day. With a whopping 29 percent of help from voters, John Cranley will leap into the Cincinnati mayor Mark Mallory’s chair on January 1st, 2014.

What does this victory mean for the other 61 percent of Cincinnatians whom did not vote? Well John Cranley has his sights set to end the street cars that are set to begin construction around businesses that run through Vine Street from the University of Cincinnati to Over-the-Rhine to the downtown area.

Many believe that the growth of Cincinnati has come to an end, from a man who was selected as mayor but, he just wants to rewrite history. However, I fear this shrewd economic view may just be part of a minor Napoleon-complex. I attribute this complex to the construction and finance industry to steal more city property and crush the Cincinnati tax base.

Taking this into consideration, the international business communities that worked very hard for the recommendation of the Cincinnati 2012 Olympics committee will be slapped in the face by the lack of local social progress of not just this but the several projects that have been destroyed, changed, or halted from the 20th Century.

Swords into plowshares! Cincinnati politics keeps encouraging the cutting off the nose to spite the face!

  1. Subway lines prevented by the Ford Motor Company.
  2. Inclines halted by the Ford Motor Company.
  3. Trolley systems removed by the Ford Motor Company.
  4. Tall Stacks un-sponsored and Cincinnati wanted steamboat travel instead of Subways.
  5. Cessation of the Cincinnati Union Terminal in favor of the Ford Motor Company.
  6. The Greater Banks Project Light Rail.
  7. (Insert: Cincinnati Street Cars).

If I had to bet political money on a candidate for return on investment as a used car dealership from the suburbs – Joeseph *cough* *cough* Wyler *cough* *cough* Automall *cough* *cough.* I would have donated to John Cranley. However, through open records request, the 2013 John Cranley for Cincinati semi-annual campaign finance report shows finance and construction among frequent contributors. It looks as though finance and construction outspent the auto industry 5:1.

Even though Cranley’s often biggest campaign donors are finance and construction, if I shared a community with them, I’d be embarrassed to live in this community with modern forms of transportation available like: the Nike-express, sidewalks, no street lighting, or the ambulance. It is not unreasonable to assume most of their employees live outside the city limits like dealerships.

Unlike the suburbs, a  lack of quick low cost ubiquitous transportation harkens backward to the time when communities were small enough to run through in 2-seconds flat (not going to elaborate here). We need a future where Cincinnati grows with a new vision and better plans to accommodate.

With the City of Cincinnati’s international public image now stretched to the limit, can we manage to safely walk without having to travel past various strip mall fast food plazas? Next, try playing olympic “Frogger” across lanes of heavy traffic to get to work on foot in the dark. All the donors from the election point to less jobs and more crime.

In summary, I accuse the City of Cincinnati in the past of poor planning. Is this another deliberate attempt to punish the poor with a form of sugary Cincinnati diabetes? A diabetes obfuscates with flattery and seeks to keep Cincinnati from joining modern global society.

Anyone who doesn’t drive in an area without modern transportation is going to get Cincinnati diabetes. Is this what the finance and construction companies from outside the city have in store for Cincinnati if they get their way? Is their plan to bankrupt Cincinnati’s workers and cut safety nets for an easy land grab? Are we headed for more gentrification like the Anna Louise Inn?

If Cranley doesn’t fight to change the “Kool-aide” drinking status quo, Cincinnati will be little Flint, Michigan Jr. As Mark Twain was fond of putting it said, “When the end of the world comes, I want to be in Cincinnati because it’s always twenty years behind the times.”



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