Unsung heroes, anonymous & everyday people

Unsung heroes, anonymous & everyday people

On Saturday November 16th a gathering of people world wide marched to their local news buildings. This symbolic march against the mainstream media happened but went unreported by local news channels. Why? Watch them repeat it.

The main goal of the march was to force the mainstream media to cover real hard news stories. People are hungry for investigative journalism that crackdown on corruption and corporate malfeasance.

Because the mainstream media ignores all messages that are anti-corruption and anti-establishment, many citizens probably didn’t know about the Saturday march. Polls show most people are frustrated with mainstream news media and don’t want excessive news about celebrities and local crime.

“60% saying they have little or no trust in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately, and fairly” – Gallup.com. With the numbers of people who distrust the media and low information voters in the wake of the Citizen’s United ruling, it is important for people to do their own research.

From media’s comedic presentations of fast food news reporting and stories recycled in markets for regurgitation; he said-she said in print journalism limits the result of critical debate for the viewership; any debate settles upon not what people think, but what is factual.

However, today’s journalism settles upon what is fiction and what people think. Journalism today also pushes facts out a window and truth is abandoned to push any ideology for the highest dollar.

Mainstream news organizations for whatever reason have been deliberately inefficient with investigative journalism. In circumstances where a city lacks proper news coverage, it is important for citizens to become their own media. Do our own research. The purpose of media is to keep corruption in check and to inform fellow citizens as a privilege and duty.

Any technical investigative journalism today works only to hide as much truth from the public as possible for advertisement dollars and to misinform citizens. This is why today only six companies control ninety percent of all we see and hear: GE, Newscorp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS.

If they didn’t cover the march, you should stop paying attention to the cable and television news, and start paying attention to real news segments and get raw unfiltered news from the internet. Let’s turn on a better stream of investigative journalism online.

Almost anyone can report the news these days and take back their power to sit at home and surf the internet. The only barrier stopping you from being an everyday unsung hero is you.



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