Missing Dash Video as Cincinnati Police Officer Runs Over Woman

 Missing Dash Video as Cincinnati Police Officer Runs Over Woman

The cool Saturday night in November when Natalie Cole, 36, of Dayton, Ky. was struck by Cincinnati Police Officer Orlando Smith will not be vindicated by dash-cam video.

Despite the best efforts to hold police dash-cam video as reliable that November 9th night at 7:20pm in the 1800 block of Vine Street:

That is something that was is a malfunction of the system. It has happened before. In pursuit. In emergency vehicle operations or pursuit driving often times with heavy breaking, bumps in the road, heavy acceleration,” according Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell. “The camera system is somehow disrupted.” – local 12 news

Cole is said to have been allegedly jaywalking. Officer Smith allegedly speeding over 60 mph in a 25 mph zone with lights but no siren on according to several witnesses.

I (saw) a police car coming down…Vine at 70 miles per hour and smack this lady so hard…it split her head open,”according to Rachel Crutchfield. – wcpo.com

Natalie Cole then careened 40 feet through the air from the point of impact.

Every person that who I’ve spoken with who have, has discussed with me have said the same thing…He is a tremendous officer and an asset to this department and we stand behind him.” said Blackwell speaking on behalf of the Cincinnati Police Department (CPD) standing behind Officer Smith’s actions.

According to CPD, Cole was hit in a car chase. Or was she? Which doesn’t make any sense.

Later, according to the Cincinnati police “Smith responded on his way from the Kroger parking lot at 1 W. Corry St., in Corryville, to help another officer holding two suspects at gunpoint near the intersection of Linn and Liberty streets, according to police. ” – wcpo.com

This is the emergency situation that needed high speeds? The public is left in the dark without corroboration from the other officer involved.

Did Smith violate the official CPD Policy or guideline which stated that officers drive no more than 20 mph over a posted speed limit. Smith was allegedly driving at least 50 in a 25 mph zone?

Smith, a 19 year veteran CPD Officer has had six previous car accidents since 1994 and cost the city $17,831.70 in five accidents from 1996-2003.

He was operating his cruiser with due regard, and being reasonable. And based on what we’ve seen here at this table, my command staff and myself, we are convinced at this point in the investigation, that the officer was operating his cruiser in a reasonable fashion for the type of run he was on” said Chief Blackwell.

Local 12 news reported Blackwell thinks that CPD policies are mere guidelines and vice versa. A preliminary report will be filed with the black box in the cruiser that will determine how to reconstruct the accident. Is this with or without the missing, malfunctioning, or switched video tapes?

Innocent until proven guilty, CPD officer Orlando Smith was alleged to reckless driving with lights on and sirens silent to assist another officer call emergency or not when he struck Cole.

“‘No, I don’t blame them. No, but I just want to know…I’d like to know what happened,'” Natalie Cole told her mother Brenda Cole from her hospital bed. “She said that herself last night. I was talking to her and she said, ‘Why would I go out in the middle of the street with sirens and lights coming at me? Why would I do that?’ I said ‘I have no idea.'”

Perhaps the next time anyone else has a moving violation we should just ask to investigate ourselves like the police?



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