Mayor Cranley’s Jump Off The Rails – Pt. 1 of 3

Mayor Cranley’s Jump Off The Rails – Pt. 1 of 3

by Takethegate

Today’s Cincinnati Council Meeting many voices spoke out in favor of the street car than were against the sabotaged project. Governor Kasich cuts to local government were also brought up.

After the major factor in the shortages of the Ohio budget left the City of Cincinnati holding a streetcar like holding Schrodinger cat, is it alive or dead until we look inside the bag.

Cincinnati’s council is left holding the bag that Former Mayor Mallory made. Citizens Wednesday afternoon wondered if the street car will be passed once again. Questions for the passage amount to two important positions:

  • To pause the street car we lose $45 million dollars from the Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) right off the start debt repayment for monies already used. The City of Cincinnati will undergo contractual lawsuits from businesses, construction companies, and manufacturers of the street cars.
  • To not pause the street car and stay on track so to speak, we keep the money from (FTA), Cincinnati utilizes the street car system, and has one potential lawsuit from the people opposed to the street car project who have no legal standing.

Now positing a scenario, the question is why would there be further sabotage? With regard to the possibilities of slathering the city into further city debt, the elimination of this project and will further lawsuits will enable this type environment further to flourish.

Heavy incalculable debt ties the hands of politicians and makes them willing slave-like prostitutes to the highest bidder. Recently the highest winner for a bankrupt city (see: Detriot) seems to be Koch Enterprises (storage of petcoke). However, this is just one corporation out of many.

The last corporation that invested in the ability to purchase the parking meters was invested in the automobile parking downtown. Interesting enough, the people who stand to win should be the people who want privatization of the parking meters.

Are they also part of the hidden hand behind the puppets of Cincinnati politics? Cranley’s approach to good local governance is to declare civility in council chambers and rabble rouse outside the scope of officialdom to win an election.

Observance of Cranley’s stance against the streetcar makes no sense as a democrat, liberal, or progressive. This means that Cranley is a possible crypto-republican. Therefore, his sabotages all the more possible.

If the Cincinnati streetcar vote came down to a block of council on the same side, it would be: Charles Windburn, Ann Murray,  Mayor John Cranley, Christopher Smitherman, and David Mann. Inversely, I am not certain about Ann Murray, Kevin Flynn, and Charlie Windburn. This decision will show formed allegiances.


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