For a Few Dollars More

For a Few Dollars More

By Take the Gate


Blackwell and officers answer questions at town hall meeting January 9th, 2014


For few dollars more, the new Cincinnati Police Department (CPD) Chief Jeffery Blackwell says he’ll hire shiny new recruits and buy them the latest Batman crime fighting technology. Blackwell’s Bat-gizmos will reduce the recent homicide crime wave in the Cincinnati area.

Or so he says. What this technology is called, what it does or what it costs, is unknown. Milton Dahoney, former city manager hired Blackwell to begin his duty on September 30, 2013.

At the January 6th committee meeting of ‘Law And Public Safety,’ chief Blackwell was not alone in his fight for Cincinnati gentrification of over-the-rein (OTR) for 3CDC. Two councilmen sang Blackwell’s praises from the mic: Charlie “Chuck” Winburn and Chris Smitherman.

Smitherman and Chuck agree that guillotines look too barbaric right now to use on 3CDC’s Fountain Square for the prevention of crime and that aggressive police policies remain active tools for the intervention of crime.

Does this means that any black and latino males who look 14-30 in OTR are targets come March?

Cincinnati’s danger is the push for a new bad policing policy toward racial profiling as with New York City (NYC) and Chicago, where police corruption run rampant . NYC’s arrest and harassment rate by police created new gentrified pockets of upper-middle class renters, where traditional Harlem and Brooklyn black and Latino families lived for generations. Removed by NYPD into the bowls of the for-profit school-to-prison pipeline.

With NYPD’s unwritten ‘Stop’ n ‘Frisk’ while black or Latino (SNFWBL) policy, at its highest point in 2011, the NYPD data shows 350,743 were black (53 percent), 223,740 were Latino (34 percent), and 61,805 were white (9 percent) and 605,328 were totally innocent (88 percent).

Moreover, the police goals were set up by a quota system to: command asset forfeiture, fill up the court system and jail citizen’s arbitrarily.

Noam Chomsky tells Foundation Degree students in an interview that the drug war is a racial class war “If you look at the past 400 years of United States history, there have only been about 20 or 30 years of relative freedom for the black population. There are things,” Chomsky said, “the white liberal establishment just doesn’t want to be part of history.” (

CPD expressed concerns about Mexican and Latino heroin drug cartel operations and organizations. Also, Chuck wanted to utilize a faith based coalition to address organized youth crime and gang violence but, chief Blackwell shut him down on Constitutional atheist lawsuit grounds. Furthermore, chief Blackwell also stated that any government led coalition will spawn lawsuits but, this did not stop him from his creation the “God Squad,” as part of community intervention to reduce violence CIRV.

Councilman Chuck wants all groups involved if they’ll fight crime: Satanists, Scientologists, Anarchists and even Al Qaeda. You can see how the Constitutional crisis comes into play with having a faith based coalitions.

In the context of the CPD’s testimony of the “Overview of Homicide Offenses & Statistics,” the rate of homicides in Cincinnati police district 3 has a consistent pattern of homicides that haven’t gone down like district 1. However, chief Blackwell is fixated on over-the-rein as his primary focus like council members: Chuck, Smitherman, and Flynn.

Any applications of vital police resources with public input can turn around improper police policy. Blackwell will determine in town hall meetings this week how to best approach policing Cincinnati with fewer resources available. I wish him good luck. Let’s hope he’ll skip the class-race drug war profiling trap.

The meetings will occur in all five districts from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the locations listed below. Free parking is available at each site.

District Date Location
District 1 and CBS Thursday, Jan. 9 River of Life Church, 2000 Central Parkway
District 2 TBA postponed Medpace, Inc., 5375 Medpace Way
District 3 Wednesday, Jan. 8 Elder High School Schaeper Center, 3900 Vincent
District 4 Tuesday, Jan. 14 Church of the Resurrection, 1619 California Avenue
District 5 Monday, Jan. 13 Little Flower Church, 5560 Kirby Avenue

With the winter advisory I learned that the City of Cincinnati is using social media site created by former DCI (Director of Central Intelligence, CIA) George Tenet and Google. Tenet whose dereliction of duty allowed the September 11th attacks to happen wants to be my neighbor, no thanks.


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