Vote 2014: Vote Gaslighting Cincinnati Poor in 2014


by Takethegate

Don’t drive? Don’t vote in person early? This is the message Hamilton County Board of Elections enabled by moving early voting out of the downtown Cincinnati area.

Hamilton County asked that voters request an absentee ballot in 2014. A mailed ballot is very prone to be misplaced in the mail until after results are counted. All 24-hour ballot drop boxes would remain open Downtown, so they expect an avalanche of mail in the meantime.

“It started innocuously enough when the Hamilton County Coroner requested a bigger space for the County’s crime lab” writes P.G. Sittenfeld at Huffington Post. “A large hospital network offered one of its former facilities to the County for a dollar. In addition to relocating the crime lab to the new site, it was also proposed to move the Board of Elections – and, with it, the site of early voting. Sound routine and innocent? Guess again.”

In Cincinnati, Ohio, only one location exists to vote in person early and that is the Board of Elections (BoE) offices. BoE considered a move of the facilities to the old Mercy Hospital in Mt. Airy in the College Hill area.

As a useful strategic early voting center located 9.5 miles from the downtown area, the BoE dismisses any community pride and the extra revenue this business generates.

The BoE dismissed factors from public losses of: a special bus trip from downtown Cincinnati, out of pocket dissatisfaction for gas money, carbon emissions, and personal time. The BoE center location looked about as useful as if it had flew in circles over Cincinnati 9.5 miles overhead. However, the voters had gotten 500 free parking spaces for the trade off. If they could afford to drive there!

Income earned to drive today on average used over 3 hours work to fill up a tank of gas, about 20 gallons. Around 30 percent of all working hours a month go to car maintenance. Say could I borrow some gas money to vote in 2014?

“Regrettably, the four board members of the Hamilton County Board of Elections split 2-2 along party lines, which means that according to law, the tie must now be broken by Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted. ” writes Sittenfeld at Huffington Post “We also know who is taking the opportunity to vote early. In the 2012 case Obama for America v. Husted, the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals wrote that those people voting early are predominantly seniors, women, minorities, and lower-income voters.”

  • Jon Husted tried to take away Ohio’s final three days of early voting in 2012, which are the busiest three days of the early voting period.
  • Jon Husted reduced voting hours in the current election cycle.
  • Jon Husted prompted a Federal judge to note “the surreptitious manner in which the secretary [Husted] went about implementing [a] last minute change to the election rules.”
  • Jon Husted will now break the BoE tie.
  • In 2012, 24,151 voted early.
  • Hamilton County Board of Elections Republicans repeated that early voter numbers were not huge knowing they are the most vulnerable for voter suppression.

Of course the city council are against the location, so the cold logical answer by the BoE is the county keeps $700K per year. Bringing the tune of $700K in libertarian change to state coffers is what Republicans do believe can give more tax breaks to the Wall-mart Street bankers instead of Main Street citizens.

Also if this byproduct makes votes harder for the political enemies of a certain group of ner-do-wells, those who aren’t born affluent must work harder so that one day they or their great children’s grandchildren can grow up and become part of the milligram experiment that is the one percent plutocracy industry of the United States.

Arbeit Wille Macht Frei Uber Alles Mensch in der Tat!


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A web based blog about Ohio and intelligence gathering tool for the spread of aletheia, logos, and, sophia (truth, reason, and wisdom). Looking through the glass darkly.
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