POWs (Prisoners of Wages): Why We Should Replace Minimum With a Living Wage

by Takethegate


With all the research available to everyone, anyone may come to one conclusion, ‘a living wage as a single parent should be enshrined into law.’

However, the reality single parents face being forced into sharing living conditions with people who may or may not be: criminals, irrational friends, lovers or relatives. This endangers the daily lives of many single women and children.

Population concentrates around all available cheap rental spaces in cities and this creates: many low wage communities, high crime rates, rampant theft and poor commercial services. This proximity creates fertile ground for crime to develop and criminal gangs to develop a base of operations.

In Ohio, to survive as a single parent you must earn on average $13/hr chained to the consumer price index (CPI) to live alone. This is not the same average as a single person.

However, the child of a single parent has it worse than a single person living alone and grows up with high crime and poverty. Societal expenses to house and feed criminals is far greater.

Research data shows the Ohio average hourly earning for single person stands at $7.95/hr and $7.25/hr retrospectively in 2014. Credit and debt cannot be a solution for single parents who fall behind on expenses due to the interest(99% percent interest in some cases and $5 monthly bank fees).

This roughly averages Ohio monthly earnings for single persons full time after taxes: $1074.72/mo or $13,000/yr and 807/mo. if working part time $9, 600 /yr dollars.

With $13/hr or $2184/mo or $1747/mo and 21000/yr after taxes. You can easily see an immediate difference in a structured economy for single parents and their children. Society punishes single parents with children when hiring at low wage part-time and full-time employment.

I have yet to see any full-time hiring trend. All I see are part-time service jobs created and these will be replaced by technology very soon.

Nevertheless, according to fair market rent value in Ohio, expenses to rent a single apartment are between: $484 and $603 FY2014. This is $5,808 in rent per year on part-time and $7,236 on full time.

If a person earns full-time $13000/yr and subtracts $7,236, this leaves $5,764 available for any other bills.

On average if a person’s expenses working full time uses $100/mo on food that is averaged $1200/year, there is little room to cut back. An average cell phone expense plan is $15/mo and that is $180/year. Transportation expenses on average are $79 for most public transportation and $948/mo. Clothing and expenses are grooming, $400/year. Medical insurance expenses due to the Affordable Care Act are between $30 – $60/mo or $300 – $900 /year respectfully.

In the example above, the amount of savings left for a full-time worker per year $2736/yr and $228/mo month disposable emergency income.

Moreover, I have not yet added any single parent expenses: child care, two bedroom apartment, car insurance, fuel expenses, school lunches, modest child’s clothing and school supplies, tuition expenses, emergency situations.

This summary calculation is a variable number with taxes taken into account for the possibility of higher excise taxes and commodity prices for the future. In the structured economy an extra $228/mo is inflated and more single parents will become dependent on food pantries to provide for their families.

If we can establish a living wage for single parents this will prevent crime from gaining a foothold on the children of our society. This is why a living wage for all might be a better way to reduce crime and protect our communities from thieves and criminals. Society’s leaders should take the advice of top economists like Robert Reich and roll the dice.

Countrymen this idea is worthy of legend so society gains overall.


Living Wage Calculator





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