Hamilton County Imposes High Bond For Greenpeace Activists


by Take the Gate

Hamilton County Judge Winkler imposes high bond for Greenpeace activists apprehended on Tuesday in Cincinnati, Ohio, the set bond amount paid in the full for $450000.

A more appropriate title would be ‘Procter & Gamble Kills Cincinnati Tiger Mascot’ one bar of soap and shave at a time. But no court imposes criminal trials for this mismanaged destruction of the planet’s 200 critically endangered species that go extinct each day.

Yet, British Petroleum stands alone and suffers harsher fines imposed for the scale of pollution and plunder of the planet and they want out of the settlement. But yesterday like Procter & Gamble, Chevron escaped public judgment through legal dismissal by US courts for the $18 billion dollar destruction of the rainforests in Ecuador awarded to the indigenous people recognized by the United Nations.

Meanwhile, like Jewish resistance fighters of the other holocaust, each of the Greenpeace activists receives stiff penalties, a $10000 dollar bond for vandalism and $40000 dollar bond for felony burglary. All are accused of entering in the Procter & Gamble office building and got a total $50000 dollar bond.

The full amount set by the court totals nears half a million dollars to bond out of jail. At this point, Procter & Gamble should drop charges if it wants to have the public corporate image of a true multinational global citizen.

A corporation’s supply chain like Procter & Gamble’s is in dispute for destroying rare rainforest habitat at pennies on the dollar and, the priceless endangered species that live within: Sumatran tiger, rhino and orangutan.

Asian Agri is owned by Sukanto Tanoto’s RGE Group. Procter & Gamble has bought palm oil taken from plantations located in what Greenpeace reports is BW Plantation third-party supplier for Asian Agri.

BW Plantation stands accused of the clearance of orangutan habitats in Central Kalimantan and is linked to the Tanjung Putting National Park murders of Orangutan that frequently occur. In Greenpeace’s report “License to Kill: How deforestation is driving Sumatran tigers toward extinction,” there was focus on the palm oil company Wilmar, who announced a zero deforestation policy last year.

Yet authorities viewed Greenpeace’s self-less actions as a crime with the word terrorism being whispered around. So inexorably companies like P&G, Reckitt Benckiser and Colgate Palmolive willfully continue to delay immediate action on deforestation.

Yet a $450000 bond for what the accused did shocks the conscience. The amount for each individual before they could obtain release will be returned but, is that the right message for the Hamilton County Region to display to the international community at large? Is Cincinnati pride for sale to the whim of Procter & Gamble?

Why Hamilton County prosecutors secure the full bond amount they said, they considered the people from out of town as a flight risk. However, the punitive bail amount seemed to violate the eighth amendment to the Constitution: “Excessive Bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted.” This was not an issue that directly concerned the lawyer for Greenpeace who represented the accused.

If the fine was not punitive then why is the full amount required? If they had been from Kentucky, would we had treated these accused in the same manner? Is this about getting revenge for revenue losses Procter and Gamble may yet suffer or the ruination of lives?

Maybe a FOIA request can’t clear the air about the work relationship between Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deter’s office and Procter & Gamble ties within the city. It would be wise to consider filing for a new change of venue in another city and county within Ohio. This can leave an objective view for justice.

Doesn’t the excessive forfeiture of 4500 Benjamin dollars seem too inefficient and inflict harm where no one living was seriously injured? Can stock from Procter and Gamble’s influence pull off the blindfold of justice, since powerful global multinational corporations like P&G throw their weight around? Isn’t this a great case for jury or judge nullification? Who can ask the tough questions here, a special prosecutor for starters?

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Jim Neil even forcibly extracted DNA samples as required by a new Ohio laws passed in 2011 run a foul of presumption of innocence, knowing there’s a growing backlog to test rape kits in Ohio and placed their genetic make up inside a public database for life.

If the above is also true about the $450000 dollar bond the Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters wants to sacrifice precious county dollars and will defiantly fight any future civil rights lawsuit against Hamilton County based on civil disobedience involved with the Greenpeace nine.

How a civil rights lawsuit will impact Hamilton County’s Prosecutor’s funds if the fine is excessive is unknown; nor is the impact of how the funds affect future citizens directly in Hamilton County or its legal services.


Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office:

In response to your questions:

  1. You have correctly identified the amount of the bail, $50,000 for each defendant.  They have all posted bail and been released.
  2. Each defendant’s bail was $50,000.  That amount is based on the court’s assessment of what is necessary to ensure their future appearance in court (considering that the defendants are all out of state, etc.)  Their attorney has the ability to contest the amount as excessive if he or she chooses to do so.  That has not happened as of today’s date.
  3. If a defendant chooses to sue Hamilton County over his $50,000 bail, the Hamilton County Prosecutor (this is the term that is used in Hamilton County as opposed to District Attorney) will defend the county as he is required by law to do.
  4. Bail is not imposed by the prosecutor; it is imposed by the court.


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