Busted! Ohio Pedophile in Chief Gets Expungement

By Take the Gate

Original: http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20140210/NEWS0107/302100102/Ex-police-chief-has-sex-crimes-erased-from-record

Who is Jeremy Alley? He headed the Elmwood Place Police Chief in 2003 and was busted “using public computers on public time to try to solicit sex online from what he thought was a 15-year-old girl. Alley agreed to have sex with her.(http://sexoffenderissues.blogspot.com)”

However, a Hamilton County deputy caught this menace before he could touch children.

After serving 37 months behind bars, Judge Norbert Nadel saw it within the law to advise Alley to return in three years and hook up Alley with expungement of his then criminal sex offender record.

Assistant Hamilton County Prosecutor Scott Heenan, “the judge granted Alley’s request to have his record erased. Heenan told the judge the public’s right to know that a police chief who committed sex crimes outweighs Alley’s right to privacy.”

This ruling allows the former police chief access to being reinstated as a police officer anywhere in Ohio. In Ohio there is no system to regulate when an officer has become a nuisance. Yet the entire justice system focuses on its criminal nuisances.

He was in a huge position of trust being a police chief,” Heenan told the judge. “He violated that trust in about as gross a way as you possibly could. (http://sexoffenderissues.blogspot.com)”

A new Judge let Alley’s record be erased. Is there a new sheriff or law enforcement officer in your town under an assumed name that was changed to protect the formerly expunged guilty?

Alley no longer must register like a sex offender throughout the United States. Alley’s DNA is not collected in a sex offender database. Alley has no one tracking his whereabouts.

Our justice combine, the justice system has seen fit to erase Alley’s records due to the fact crimes in 2003 allow for him to have them erased. But our glorious combine has seen fit to not readmit or reintroduce the transgression committed by Alley for all of Ohio to know this expunged sex offender is among the sheep.



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