Safeway & Kroger Dumps GMO Salmon

By Take the Gate


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We’re no fan of Kroger based on their past association with the Grocer’s Manufacturers Association’s (GMA) GM stance but, this looks like one baby step in the right direction for acknowledgment for the consumer ‘right to know’ labels.

So don’t celebrate too early when reading the headline? Safeway, Kroger Say ‘No’ to Genetically-Modified Salmon.” GMO Salmon can still enter the food supply without adequate labeling through FDA or state regulations. The process is called adulteration.

Food conglomerates obstruct the public right to know how ruthless efforts, through a nationwide lobby, spends millions with GMA lobbyists and slick marketing campaigns to restrict the cost of a $0.04 cent label on products. This belittles the ‘right to know’ what is genetically modified in the foods we eat and added a mutual insult to the consumer.

Kroger and Safeway join Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods that have already dumped GMO publicly but, that is not the case with adulteration.

A New York Times/CBS poll finds 87% of people want genetically modified (GM) food labels. This would help consumers decide where to spend money for their health and to deny rogue products and adulteration at the same time.

Food fraud is wide and rampant. Consumers are highly susceptible to inadequate nutrition from processed food adulteration. This is like filling your car’s gasoline tank with water and expecting no engine failure over time.

The most adulterated products today are: Olive Oil, Milk, Honey, Saffron, Orange Juice, Coffee, Apple Juice, Seafood (minced), Flour, French Fries and Ice Cream.

For some foodies a whole food is a processed food with ingredients that were made from scratch. Yet the investment of time and profit it takes to make a food from scratch is expensive. This is a gap largely explored by criminal enterprises willing to make quick cash.

So what can we do? We can demand changes from our grocers and elected representatives. We can re-elect those who see the difficulty of small local organic producers when government has tilted to subsidize giant Agra-businesses that in turn support the GMA and GM products.

Voting with food dollars and elections are not the only solution for this problem. We must also utilize our action and educate other people as to why their nutrition may be the reason they consume energy drinks all day long.

Until we do this, we cannot change things like Citizen’s United and the adulterated food. The collective mind fog of being nutritionally deprived will just become too intense.




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