FBI Fixes Elections In Local Government

FBI Fixes Elections In Local Government

In between 2005 – 2006, an FBI agent known then as Carlos Vargas and an informant Michael Wellek fixed local mayor’s elections for then Eric Kellogg in Harvey, Illinois and maybe there are other undercover agents your city doing the same too.

“But the fliers showed a different picture: Kellogg smiling with officers and shoveling dirt at groundbreaking ceremonies, as well as skewed statistics declaring that Harvey was on the mend.

The rescue came from an odd backer, the Tribune has learned: an undercover FBI agent.

The agent had been placed in a local strip club to investigate corruption. And for reasons federal officials won’t discuss, records show the agent formed a special political committee and primed it with about $140,000. The committee then flooded the crucial 2007 mayoral race with money that helped Kellogg to victory, even as federal agents were probing the mayor’s police department.

The FBI’s involvement — uncovered in this Tribune investigation — set the stage for a series of actions by state and federal agencies that preserved the status quo and masked problems in Harvey.”

Eric Kellogg is the current mayor of Harvey, Illinois.

City of Harvey: Be ashamed. Be very, very, ashamed.

State, feds turned blind eye to problems in Harvey
February 11, 2014|By Joseph Ryan, Joe Mahr and Matthew Walberg, Tribune reporters

loitering arrest

Federal Lawsuits in Harvey

Harvey Crime Stats


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