Update: Toledo Blade Files Civil Rights Lawsuit After Tank Plant Arrests

On March 28, 2014 two Toledo Blade reporters were arrested in an incident in Lima, Ohio by armed military police for photographic the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center and tank plant.

Photography is not a Crime’s (PINAC) website has new information about the arrest of two of the Toledo Blade’s reporters Tyler Linkhorn and Jetta Fraser who had camera’s unlawfully seized, their time unlawfully detained and memory cards and photographs deleted.

Jetta Fraser, who lawfully refused to show identification knew she wasn’t required to by Ohio law. Next, three armed military police ordered her out of the car and handcuffed Fraser for an hour.

Fraser was then patted down and insulted by armed military police who questioned her gender. Next Fraser was threatened by military police with “going in her bra” and sexual assault with possible penetration via fingers to prove if she was indeed female.

The Toledo Blade has filed a lawsuit for damages against the United States Government and Department of Defense over the false arrest incident. Where three soldiers were [[First Names Unknown]: Stelzer, Workman, and Snyder. A forth named Michelle [Last Name Unknown], who was acted under the direction and with the assent of Commandant of the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center, Lt. Col. Matthew Hodge.

In 2013, Rob Portman secured a new $255-million dollar budget to keep the tank plant operational until 2014. A questionable $255-million dollar waste by building tanks we don’t need. Rob Portman also secured the recovery effort of Toledo Blade property from military police at the tank plant.

Claims for Relief Filed

First Claim for Relief: Deprivation of Speech and Press Rights.
Second Claim for Relief: Unlawful Search and Seizure.
Third Claim for Relief: Deprivation of Due Process Rights.
Fourth Claim for Relief: Unlawful Taking.
Fifth Claim for Relief: False Imprisonment.
Sixth Claim for Relief: Civil Assault.
Seventh Claim for Relief: Civil Battery
Eighth Claim for Relief: Trespass to Chattels.

Lawsuit Brief

Toledo Blade Sues Government Over Unlawful Detainment, Camera Confiscation and Photo Deletion 18
By Carlos Miller

Military Police Seize Cameras, Delete Photos from Photojournalist who Photographed Tank on Display

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