Cincinnati Police Aid Partygoers!


By Take the Gate (And if you believe this lead I have a bridge in Kenya to sell you.)

Local 12 reported in the early morning hours on April 06, 2014 after midnight, twenty Cincinnati Police in full riot gear were sent to break up an off-campus party that involved allegedly 500 University of Cincinnati students.

As a spontaneous gathering of multiple parties gathering in one spot near the university on Stratford Avenue. Dubbed by students using twitter #stratfordpalooza, the police didn’t respond with #batonsonabearcat (comedy emphasis added). Oh wait, yes they did.

#Stratfordpalooza, the semester driven party tradition got out of control Saturday.

Officers who arrived on scene dispersed people while squad vehicles were pelted by glass bottles. Bottles that damaged one of the mirrors on the Cincinnati Police vehicle. Please, a moment of silence for the broken mirror.

“It comes with the territory of going to a big university, a public research institution of like, 40,000 students” UC senior Dan Hanna shared with WCPO. “So even if 90 percent of them had good intentions, the 50 kids that come out and want to be rowdy, throw bottles and be ignorant with cops are going ruin it for everyone else.”

This West Central Illinois footage simulates the vantage point police experienced from the parties involved, until I can get actual footage of the Cincinnati Police control exercise: .

Three people were arrested. Two unnamed University of Cincinnati students and Ian Ireland of Bright, Ind..

In 2003, Cincinnati Police broke up another similar party Cinco de Stratford during the holiday of cinco de mayo. Ohio’s liquor control ordinance puts a curfew at 1 am for the purchase of alcohol and 2:30 am for the sale of alcohol in bars.

“I’ve been here four years and to more rowdier parties than last night, but I’ve never seen riot police (show up), just because I’ve never seen that many people at one event off campus,” Hanna told WCPO. “People were packed into the street, you couldn’t see anything just people.”

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Posted: Apr 06, 2014 4:47 PM Updated: Apr 06, 2014 4:47 PM

Local News Cincy police in riot gear break up unruly party

April 06, 2014 16:50 EDT

Out of Control Student Party Broken up by Police


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