The New Jim Crow: False Positive Drug Tests Exposed

Many people don’t know this but many of the drug testing kits used by law enforcement today are designed to give a false positive for drug substances.  This inevitable course lead many to prison railroaded by those who receive direct profit from the prison industrial complex. Please notify any of your loved one’s and tell them to never take a plea deal. They expect the poor and lazy to never figure out how they were set up to fail. In their mind, they feel they were guilty. They will self-convict themselves for a plea deal under drug laws that can never replace their lost freedoms and permanent criminal record. A criminal record that disqualifies them from future employment and social services.

H/T – Adam Eidinger


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A web based blog about Ohio and intelligence gathering tool for the spread of aletheia, logos, and, sophia (truth, reason, and wisdom). Looking through the glass darkly.
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