Kidnap Victim in Columbus, Ohio Kills Robber With Gun


One politically inconvenient man, Kenneth Owens, 46, stopped his own robbery and subsequent robbery.

Over the weekend, Owens headed to the ATM around 7:25 pm, when he was confronted by Larry N. Mausali, 24, of Parkersburg, W.Va.

After Owens’ money and wallet got seized by Mausali, Mausali decided to press Owens to drive him to another ATM location to steal Owens’ money at another location. This is where police say the confrontation ended near N. Hague and Sutton Ave..

Owens would pull his own hidden gun out and shot Mausali through the left side of the neck. Mausali would be taken to Mt. Carmel Hospital where he later died.

Columbus Police and the Franklin County Prosecutor’s offices are still determining if the shooting was justifiable homicide.

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