Cincinnati’s Prostitution & Trafficking Report

McMicken PATH (People Against Trafficking Humans) Project
Temporary Placement of Barricades

Cincinnati, OH — For many years, the McMicken Street corridor, from Over-the-Rhine through the CUF area, has suffered from high-frequency prostitution and prostitution-related offenses. The Cincinnati Police Department, along with many partners, has worked extensively on a number of measures to curb the prevalence of these offenses. Unfortunately, traditional law enforcement methods and community-applied pressure have not been effective in significantly reducing prostitution activity in this area. A prostitution-related homicide occurred in this area on January 9, 2014, underscoring the need for immediate action.

As a result, the Cincinnati Police Department launched a problem-solving project the McMicken PATH (People Against Trafficking Humans) Project aimed at reducing the frequency of prostitution along the McMicken Street corridor. A collaborative approach has been undertaken to include a number of social service agencies, community groups, faith based advocates, neighborhood and business associations, the Mayor’s Office, City Council, the Cincinnati Fire Department, and the Department of Transportation and Engineering.

On April 30, 2014, the City of Cincinnati will install three temporary barricades at designated locations along McMicken Street. The barricades will be placed for an temporary period in order to interrupt the cruising cycle of those offenders frequenting the area for the purpose of engaging the prostitutes and to encourage and assist stakeholders in taking ownership of the McMicken corridor and create a culture non-conducive of supporting prostitution-related offenses, and sustainable economic growth and neighborhood development. The specific locations of the barricades are as follows:

McMicken near Straight Street (District Five) — placed east of Straight Street at Kottman Street

McMicken near Freeman (District One) — placed east of Brighton overpass, just west of Freeman

McMicken near Race (District One) — East of Race Street

The Cincinnati Police Department recognizes this temporary measure may serve as an inconvenience to some. The proposal of placement of barricades has been discussed at numerous public meetings of community councils affected by the barricades. In large part, the Police Department has received an overwhelming amount of support from those who are willing to weather the inconvenience on a temporary basis, as a means to reduce the harm associated with prostitution related issues, and increase quality of life for all.


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