Did Bob Taft Get An Expungement?

Well no. John Kasich won’t enable the former Republican Governor Bob Taft a pardon for his criminal negligence regarding the trading of gold coins and beanie babies.

An article by the Columbus Dispatch related this article to the episode of the Simpsons, where all the Stonecutters meet in the basement of somewhere in one of the Earths orifices.

We all like a good conspiracy theory or what I like to call being a conspiracy realist, when we know that criminal conspiracies exist.

Just ask Ron Paul (R-TX) about those conspiracies surrounding his meteoric lack of support from those in his own political party.

Now this would come as a shocker but Bob Taft’s lawyer ensured the Columbus-Dispatch newspaper that Mr. Taft’s criminal record has not been expunged yet but a clerical error left his criminal record spotless.

Achem, I wonder how much clerical errors cost taxpayers? I will not embellish this thought because I would be making fun of the Birthers like poking a stick at a giant hippopotamus. Either way you lose.

Rather, Mr. Taft’s lawyer said “Tuesday that the former Ohio governor did not have his criminal record expunged, according to several news reports.” – Cleveland.com

Let’s be clear when you go on a political bender and hire someone who collects gold coins and beanie babies to manage the State of Ohio’s pension fund, there’s an all new class of stupid that frankly I don’t have enough time to write about and develop new levels of carpal tunnel.

Where are all those beanie babies now? I would guess in a cement coffin in the desert right next to Atari copies of E.T. the Extra-terrestrial. However, there is no conspiracy to expunge Bob Taft’s criminal history. Yet!?!

Former Ohio Gov. Bob Taft’s criminal record not expunged after all, according to reports
By Henry J. Gomez, Northeast Ohio Media Group
on April 29, 2014 at 8:35 PM, updated April 30, 2014 at 3:00 AM


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