1# Election Lie! Ohio Issue 1 Increases Ohio Taxes While Media Misleads Voters in 2014

DSC00569[1]A warning to libertarians: Issue 1’s according to the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law will increase state bonds to repair the State capital furnishings in Columbus and debt while the rest of the State infrastructure crumbles in under disrepair.


Cui Bono? Who benefits: Ohioans, Big Box Stores, Factories, Truckers, Drivers, Car salesmen, auto mechanics, toll bridges and roads, tire stores, car washes, construction companies, foreign H1B visa workers and Governor John Kasich.

A slick new add from dirty politics 101 Strong Communities Ohio, by the treasurer J. Matthew Yuskewich hustles the next scam on Ohio voters. Issue 1 is misleading that the money will go to state road and infrastructure. Infrastructure that only applies to Columbus, Ohio and leaves the rest of Ohio without 0.01 cent.

Governor John Kasich is strongly in favor of this and that is the political litmus test for the next presidential election in 2016. Vote for more on education, police and fire departments. Do not let Columbus play political gains in Columbus with your tax dollars.


Speak out with your vote on Tuesday, May 6 2014. We might not get another chance to reign in spending in Columbus the next two years and the pain will only increase on Ohio’s workers.

Tom Jackson of the Sandusky Register on May 1, 2014 wrote ‘It’s not a free lunch’ the bond issue will cripple Ohio’s fragile economy.
“‘If the measure passes in May, the governor can spend the rest of the months leading up to November traveling various areas of the state, telling the voters that he’s brought them roads and other capital improvements, Maurice Thompson said. ‘”I asked if it’s just a coincidence that Gov. John Kasich is seeking re-election this fall or if, just maybe, the Republicans who run the Ohio House and Ohio Senate are trying to help him.”I don’t think it’s a coincidence at all that this thing is being offered out in front of an election,” Thompson said. “This thing is all politics.”Issue 1 is no free lunch, 1851 Center warns [Updated]

Tom Jackson
May 1, 2014



Issue 1 policy brief



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