Judge Smoke Signals Judicial Capture With Ohio Judicial Reforms

Judge Smoke Signals Judicial Capture With Ohio Judicial Reforms

Republican Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor suggests that Ohio abandon the impartiality of judges and toss almost two hundred years of electoral laws out the window with the baby, the bath water and the sink.

O’conner wants, “some reasonable, incremental reforms that could better empower Ohio voters. She’s not calling for party labels, or longer terms; she’s calling for practical, doable things.”

In other words, the Citizen’s United and FEC v Mc Crutcheon allow for unlimited amounts of private funding (i.e. bribes) or money as speech in elections.

Private funding will then allow the political action committees (P.A.C.s) to then take over state races where the last stop gap measure to check corporate power in the government of Ohio is the court system.

In 2012 PACs and individuals spent over $2-billion dollars in the last election. This in the same election year where unions are nearly outlawed through right-to-work laws or extinct in most states to combat the obscene shell-game wealth likes to employ through astro-turf Super-PACs.

This leave the ordinary citizen without a voice in government and now this will flood local states to eliminate any vestigial remaining holdouts of democracy in favor of corporate consolidation, plutocracy and oligarchy of the .001%.

The .001% are not only Ivy league elitists, they are racist, shallow elitists. Those are the autocratic arbiters imposing austerity, bankruptcy and the removal of vital social services to the people.

In a state controlled oligarchy, the only voice becomes those who control the feudal kingdom that signs over their paychecks at the risk of their own peril.

One hope remains that the people either form co-ops and leave the involuntary system or revolt en-mass with or without violence by throwing them all out of office for a third people’s party and hold random elections to office or move money out of politics.

However, now even protest is considered low level terrorism by the military dictatorship and soft martial law.


Ohio must reform how it selects judges, and Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor offers a good start
by Thomas Suddes – Northeast Ohio Media Group
on May 04, 2014 at 4:13 AM, updated May 04, 2014 at 4:14 AM



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