NSA’s Data Rape of Germany

Hello, Today is May 18th, 2014.

The Deutche-bundesregiergung (Federal Government) backs the National Security Administration’s (NSA) of the United States plan for Germany’s surveillance.

A DC-based legal firm sent a letter threatening the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the government. The legal firm is called: Rubin, Winston, Diercks, Harris & Cooke:

In a not so discreet way, the Germany’s Federal Government suggests that German-lawmakers can face extradition and trial by investigations into the NSA by speaking with Edward Snowden or, looking up information to defeat the NSA inside Germany:

“Conclusion VII.

We are of the opinion that if Snowden provides classified information or documents to the Bundestag or to German diplomats who interview Snowden, such acts give rise to criminal exposure under the laws of the United States. The United States would have jurisdiction to prosecute these acts regardless of where they occur,” writes firm partner Jeffrey Harris.

The subservient position of the people of Germany to the White House is clear, Chancellor Angela Merkel believes tyranny of the NSA or the security Merkel has maintained at the request of the NSA, will keep her in power and Germany safe.

Michael Hayden former National Security Director and intermittent DCI (director of central intelligence) chief lights up with joy when he says, ‘We kill people based on metadata.’

Now the question should be asked, “What does it mean for Germans to be in the data ass-raping position of the NSA?”

Germany exploits legal advice in attempt to avoid Snowden testimony

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German Government Hires DC Law Firm To Threaten Its Own Parliament With Criminal Prosecution For Talking To Snowden

by Mike Masnick

Mon, May 12th 2014 7:44am


Trans-Atlantic Supplicant: Merkel Chooses Unity over NSA Truth


May 05, 2014 – 05:19 PM



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