New Study Shows Death of Establishment Journalism

A new study written by Lars Willnat Ph. D & David H. Weaver Ph. D Emeritus, “The American Journalist in The Digital Age: Key Findings,” Funded by the School of Journalism at Indiana University shows the death of American establishment journalism.

The study breaks down key concepts in graphical charts showing the decline of the establishment journalism between 1993 – 2013.

The rapid decline is attributed to the numbers of college graduates leaving the establishment news plantations behind for their independently owned start ups.

This new independent media brain drain has left the establishment reeling from the lack of critical thinkers who are willing to propagandize the American people.

Other key influences are: women leaving the profession early, little training, no equal pay between sexes, a lack of editorial control, killing stories and ethical conflicts of reporting methods.

A lack of hiring and firing multiple people from news rooms across the United States has also helped contribute to the spread of new independent media.

Many social bloggers from the public who follow niche societies make a decent living through this avenue of exploration.

What establishment media left behind, the public soon took over and has gotten better quality than advertisement funded print media.

Long gone are the days when the public would absorb anything written and locally digested.

Now someone from Dallas, Tx. following gothic lolita clothing might have a different point of view on a subject than a dress shop in Pisa, Italy.

However, establishment media ignores both opinions and they can share free space and likes in clothing tastes in cyberspace on a blog.

This revolution has been coming for some time and will only get better.

Last week, the FCC head Tom Wheeler suggests that the internet service providers will not throttle these and many other websites.

However, that remains to be seen. Other websites use active censorship for groups or discussions they disapprove and disappear them altogether on: Digg, Reddit, Facebook and Youtube.

Time will tell whether this observations of this study prove realistic or yet another overzealous outlook on a new independent age of audience engagement.

As Government Officials Continue To Shed Trustworthiness, Journalists Continue Placing More Trust In Government Officials
by Tim Cushing
Mon, May 12th 2014


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