Indiana Judge Gives Vile Rapist 8-Year House Arrest Sentence

Marion County Superior Court Judge Kurt Eisgruber deleted his Facebook campaign page after giving a rapist an 8 year house arrest sentence.

Judge Eisgruber who is up for re-election this year is running unopposed. However, he cannot be removed from the ballot by the next election. So Indianapolis is stuck with Eisengruber.

More outrageous is the words from the judge himself.

“I feel like I got sucker-punched,” she said. “I heard the judge tell me to forgive my rapist and then I listen to him say he can go home that day,” Boadman told NBC news.

Last year his approval rating was 95 percent according to records.

As part of sentencing Wise will be fitted with an electronic monitoring angle bracelet.

David Wise, 52, of Indianapolis, now on home detention was convicted for drugging, video tapping and raping his now ex-wife, Mandy Boardman on May 16.

She suspected wise was drugging her and she checked his cell phone and found the disgusting videos.

Mandatory minimums should have put Wise behind bars for 20 years. No word on any plea bargains or deals made with the prosecutor’s at the trial.

Indiana Judge Under Fire After Giving No Jail Time to Rapist
by Elizabeth Chuck – NBC News

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2 Responses to Indiana Judge Gives Vile Rapist 8-Year House Arrest Sentence

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  2. Evie says:

    I think I’m finally understanding that the rules to the game of life are created by men, for men. The more I read about the world, women have never and will never stand a snowballs chance in hell of thriving well with the human male. ALL OTHER CREATIONS, yes. But not the human male.

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