Accidental Shootings From Gun Mounted Flashlights

A new twist in tactical accessories leaves questions open about handgun safety and training.

They are called rail accessories and they can be mounted underneath the front end of a pistol.

The two most popular accessories for handguns are lasers sights and flashlights. However, it is the latter that remains a problem in the eyes of some accidental discharges.

When trying to shine a light on crime, it is not difficult to get over zealous and mistakenly fire a loaded handgun with a hair trigger.

So far there have been no documented evidence of injuries or deaths related to the handgun flashlight malfunction combo. The tactical use draws perfunctory conclusions based on anecdotal evidence.

“I’ve seen officers use a flashlight-mounted gun to help a person search their wallet for a driver’s license. I’ve literally seen that on a traffic stop.”as put by Steve Ijames, a retired police chief, agreed, telling the Post.

The issue around flashlights highlights a lack of training for a small device that is meant for use by special forces overseas in low light encounters and situations.

The handgun mounted flash lights were not designed for standard issue use by law enforcement.

Perhaps police department management in the United States needs to look at rewriting policies concerning the use of special forces tactical military accessories before deployment for normal police use.

As the police become militarized the police state and the military become more indistinguishable and collateral damage euphemism will become all too real and regrettable in cities across the nation.

Gun-mounted flashlights implicated in increase of accidental police shootings across U.S.
by Scott Kaufman – Raw Story – Sunday, June 8, 2014 13:44 EDT


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