Hateful Rhetoric Means No Confidence In Pennsylvania Leadership

Out of Pennsylvania this week, far right wing groups led by the GOP compared union support to nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

AFL-CIO is livid and states that they will put an end to the hateful rhetoric that attempts to marginalize the voices of hardworking families and distance citizens from union support.

“The testimony was submitted on behalf of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, AFSCME Council 13, AFT Pennsylvania, PSEA, SEIU State Council and UFCW 1776 to set the record straight with the facts and to counter the myths of the corporate front groups that are trying to silence the voice of working families.

An example of the most extreme and outrageous rhetoric was uttered on the floor of the Pennsylvania State Senate with freshman State Senator Scott Wagner comparing unions to Hitler and Russian President Vladimir Putin.” paaflcio.org.

Suspect comments from the state legislator Representative Daryl Metcalfe during the debate of the House Bill 1507, the unattractively named ‘paycheck deception’ bill.

The bill would strip unions of the ability to direct deposit member dues directly from worker paychecks.

In respect to the substance of the bill, it is not dissimilar to the right to work laws already passed in South Carolina and other parts of the country.

In other states the same laws drafted also seek to prevents Unions from deducting dues from paychecks and saving time and money of dues paying members.

Most of the ‘right-to-work’ for less laws were written to strip the voice of workers. Businesses earn more profits when workers do not have a unified collective voice. So groups write laws to prevent everyday citizens from joining forces, groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council, funded by Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries and other astroturf organizations non-grassroots organizations like the Heritage Foundation and the CATO Institute.

Also responsibility lies with the media to publicize the collective voices of workers. However, media consolidation has dwindled private ownership down to six media companies.

These six companies take money from the same astroturf groups to put out a consistent message that they will not cover unions or worker stage protests and events like Occupy Wall St. Media will only cover these events when forced by public opinion and only report these events in a negative light.

Since the NDAA has been upheld as Constitutional by the Supreme Court of the United States, the Pentagon considers any protest as low level terrorist activity. Even writing stories on a taboo subject is considered a national security threat that could place a person behind bars with indefinite detention without trial or the writ of habeas corpus to speak to a judge.

This means if a group protests My Little Pony that group commits low level terrorism. The first rule of My Little Pony Fight Club is not to talk about My Little Pony Fight Club but these details are lost on the militarized police industrial prison state complex.

Organized Labor Takes The High Road This Week In Submitting Written Testimony To Disarm A Politically Charged Atmosphere Of Rhetoric And Hatred By Right Wing Groups
by paaflcio.org – June 6, 2014


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