ProgressOhio.Org Vs Jobs Ohio Supreme Court Dismissal

In an upset case by the Ohio State Supreme Court’s 2-5 ruling on a lawsuit against the Jobs Ohio website created by one of John Kasich’s allies will be blocked.

The dismissal comes after the Court found that Progress Ohio has no stake or injury from the executive order decree that formed Jobs Ohio.

If you visit Jobs Ohio, there you will find a website that is more of a shell game than anything. The same jobs repeat endlessly and when applicants apply to any jobs from the aggregation board, they rarely receive a job offer response.

Therefore, Progress Ohio’s lawsuit that seeks to establish facts and lay them out in court.

What the court has essentially told the citizens of Ohio and taxpaying entities with this ruling, if you have a concern about the job postings listed and chronic fraud being committed by Jobs Ohio corruption and the Governor John Kasich’s appointees, take that up with the door.

“We have long held that a party wishing to sue must have a direct, personal stake in the outcome of his or her case; ideological opposition to a program or legislative enactment is not enough. Applying that precedent here, we conclude that appellants have failed to show that they have any personal stake in the outcome of this litigation. They therefore lack the direct injury required for common-law standing. Appellants similarly fail to allege a cognizable basis for statutory standing. Accordingly, we conclude that appellants are not proper parties to challenge the constitutionality of the JobsOhio legislation.” – Justice Judith French.

The Court upheld the dismissal as Constitution pushing the bar for bringing legal challenges by executive decisions in Ohio to a higher standard than before.

In the past, the specific harm to an individual or an entity would have to been at a lower threshold for the legal matter to wind up in court. However, the waste of taxpayer dollars and fraud associated with the Jobs Ohio offices and websites being strictly a place for people to have hope of a job seems lost on these Justices.

Ohio Supreme Court rejects broad standing claims in JobsOhio case
by By Jonathan H. Adler – The Washington Post, June 10, 2014


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