Rahm Emanuel’s Soiree Friend’s Find FBI Probe

Rahm Emanuel’s soiree friend Salim Ucan who runs 19 Concept Schools across the nation is under the possible spotlight of the FBI.

He has failing charter schools that have drawn interest in Indianapolis. Speculation is Emanuel may just offer the Concept Schools a lucrative business deal for Chicago City schools.

The blog article asks the question, “The founder (and current board member) of the FBI-targeted Indiana charter school is a man named Bilal Eksili. How long do you think it took Sharon to find a picture of Mr. Eksili with Rahm Emanuel?” – RPNPS.blogspot.com

Emanuel is seen pictured with four Turkish-American possible dual citizens.

This is not an unheard of alliance since the Turkish American Council schemes with Israel on how to topple the Assad regime in Syria.

For the United States the plot to dumb down American children might not be as obvious if it weren’t for the fact that Emanuel is a member of AIPAC, the American-Israeli Political Action Committee. Both Turkey and Israel have a mutual defense agreement and both benefit heavily from United States military spending aid that is between $5 – $15 billion dollars a year for the two nations.

It is little wonder then why Emanuel couldn’t hesitate to close more than half of Chicago public schools putting children and teens in overcrowded gang neighborhoods in the crossfires that erupt on schedule every weekend in the gun free city of Chicago, Illinois.

With mayors like enemies who needs education to understand they are the enemies of children nationwide.

Well here’s hoping the FBI does it’s due diligence and discovers a hidden madrassa at Concept Schools.

By Tim Furman – rpnps.blogspot.com



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