Conspiracy Sent Bavarian Bank Whisleblower To Insane Asylum

Gustl Mollath, then 56, was thrown into a psychiatric institution for being a bank whistleblower.

After public outrage, the then Bavarian state justice minister Beate Merk, refused to resign.

The bank in question is called Hypo Vereinsbank (HVB).

After questions about missing transactions surfaced, the members of the bank and his wife quietly conspired to have him jailed, tried by a court and institutionalized.

The bank employed psychiatrists who would in turn diagnose Mollath with paranoid personality disorder.

In 2006, an assets consultant at HVB, had been illegally smuggling large sums of money into Switzerland. Perhaps part of the Vatican money laundering scandals in recent memory or something more incredulous.

However, his wife accused him of physical harm out of nowhere when he tried to bring up the smuggling to bank authorities. A huge no no in the global banking business.

Now dubbed “the Mollath Affair” the London Guardian’s Kate Connolly from Berlin writes the “murky business of the bank” is now emerging, 10 years after he first made his claims.”

Detailed investigations and reports by the state prosecutors shows that starting back in 2003 there was: money-laundering over several years by multiple parties and tax evasion schemes. Out of the state investigation the bank let go a great number of fired employees, including Mollath’s wife.

Now vindicated Gustl Mollath will undergo a new trial starting July 7, 2014.

His freedom from the psychiatric institution has brought up many undiscovered and wrongly committed people in Germany’s justice system.

German man locked up over HVB bank allegations may have been telling truth
Kate Connolly – The Guardian


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