Community Oriented Policing Profiling Young Bicyclists!!!! – 101

A remarkable story out of Ohio, if you haven’t already heard the media spin on this, the controversy surrounds Police Chielf David Oliver who has a master’s degree in Police leadership in the city of Brimfield, Ohio.

Around this time last year Brimfield created a firestorm last year when the police department decided to profile children under 15-yo for riding bicycles with helmets in the street. Here is the the press release from the Facebook page of the Brimfield Police Department:

Read the entire offering before making a knee-jerk comment. It will save us all a lot of headaches.
Under my command, we have always been an agency which has not issued a lot of tickets. We make a good amount traffic stops and arrests, yet we issue few citations. That all changes on Monday, June 9th, 2014. For the summer, we will become an agency with a mission to write tons of tickets. We are not doing this for the revenue. I know, you have all heard that one before. It is truly the case here. We are doing it for your own good, to keep people safe during the summer months.
As part of this mission, we will be profiling a certain group of people. If you belong to this group of people, I will not apologize for the inconvenience if you are stopped. It is not harassment, so don’t go there. I am ordering my officers to stop anyone (using expert profiling techniques taught to us by an ancient order of Shaolin monk police officers) who is a member of this group of people. When my officers observe anyone belonging to this specific group, we will immediately stop the person or persons (sometimes they travel in groups) and give them a ticket. Yes, it is true. My persona on Facebook has been a lie. The Brimfield Police are like “all the other cops.” Don’t poke the bear.
Effective June 9th, 2014 we begin “Operation Safe Summer.” My officers are ordered to stop anyone appearing to be 15 years of age or under who is riding a bicycle and wearing a helmet while doing so. My officers will then issue the youthful offender a ticket for a free ice cream cone from Frank’s Drive-in. Last year we gave away nearly 200 free ice cream treats. It sent a strong message… and we are sending one again this year.

Chief David Oliver, Brimfield Police Department Faceebook Page
Even towns like Wharton near Mine Hill, a New Jersey township, are getting into the act.
This astounding revelation by Chief Oliver was followed up by Cops and Bobbers.
Cops and Bobbers program creates teams of young fishermen. Held last Saturday, on June 14, at the Michael J. Kirwan Dam at West Branch State Park, the Brimfield police gave away over 250+ kid sized fishing poles to young anglers.
Chief Oliver even runs a foundation with is wife Mrs. Oliver., Called the Chief Oliver Foundation. Proceeds from their book No Mopes Allowed, are funneled into the the foundation to help survivors of child sexual abuse heal and aid community children’s programs.
Well if one thing may be certain, the happy lives of children may lead to happy adults. One quote from the foundation’s message is great:

“Children are the living message we send to a time we will not see.”

Donations to:
The Chief Oliver Foundation,
P.O. Box 154
Hartville, Ohio 44632

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La bicyclette” (by DIY-Note)

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