Update: Cable Groups & AT&T Planning To Astroturf The FCC? – 104

Cable & Telecom lobbyist groups possible plans to form astroturf groups and pretend to be actual citizens to troll the FCC.

But you can stop them by commenting during the brief FCC comment period found here:
#14-28 Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet

If you don’t know already, the FCC has a plan to eliminate all competition in favor of Amazon and cable giants by destroying net neutrality.

Net neutrality allows the internet to compete on a level playing field. However, when that playing field has added extra hidden obstructions that takes away the right of everyone else to play at the same level of challenge, the web and all aspiring entrepreneurs suffer.

The head of the FCC, Tom Wheeler, a former cable chief executive officer appointed by Obama hired many of his former underlings to carry out the plan of deception by resisting the demand for the FCC to turn all internet service providers into common carriers and regulate the behavior in favor of net neutrality.

What the elimination of net neutrality does is erase the level playing field by creating a tiered system where those businesses who pay the most get content delivered the quickest at a higher price.

Businesses at the bottom without being able to afford those exorbitant costs will see a deliberate slowdown of internet speed and it’s like dropping a weight from a boat driving in the opposite direction.

Minorities and small business entrepreneurs will suffer greatly if they can hang on at all on the internet through word of mouth.

If net neutrality disappears, it will further consolidate the internet media corporations in to the hands of the big six media corporations that dominate through sheer ignorance at a time when more journalism and minority voices are severely needed.

Cable Companies Are Astroturfing Fake Consumer Support to End Net Neutrality
by Lee Fang – Vice, Jun 5 2014


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