Japan’s Plan to Save Whales Is To Kill More Whales?

Conservation communities were stunned at the revelations by the prime minister’s announcement toward commercial at the Japanese Diet.

Shinzo Abe, Japan’s Prime Minister, is angered at the conservation community’s plan to have a hands off approach in order to have a sustainable whale population.

“Any comments he’s making around the need for the resumption of commercial whaling so that they can study whales is rubbish,” McDiarmid told the NZ Newswire. “It’s a pretty senseless thing to do. There’s hardly anyone in Japan that eats whale meat now, and whaling is losing money.”

Par the course for the face saving corrupt Japanese business after their Fukushima disaster. This is just mere distraction to deflect criticism at the real outrage and it’s working.

Murray McCully, New Zealand’s foreign minister, said though it was unclear exactly what Abe has in mind, “the fact that he has told a parliamentary committee that he wants to aim towards the resumption of commercial whaling is both unfortunate and unhelpful.”

Let’s all hope sanity will prevail in the coming months both home and abroad.

Japan Prime Minister’s Plan: ‘Kill the Whales’
by Jon Queally – Common Dreams


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