Ohio Voter Bill Of Rights

Ohio has been facing a number of attempts at voter suppression the last ten years.

The church driven ‘Souls to the polls’ had been decimated, the length of lines waiting to vote stretched out into the night on Tuesday election days and there was even an attempt to force people to show state identification to cast a vote.

Well this has led Jon Husted, the Ohio Secretary of State to put out an opinion editorial piece in the New York Times.

In it Jon Husted states that the PEW Charitable Trust ranks Ohio as a state moved up in ranks in transparent voting access moved up from 37 to 24.

However, That went unseen in 2012: http://occupycincinnati.org/2014/02/vote-2014-vote-gaslighting-cincinnati-poor-2014/

If the walls could talk what would they say about Jon Husted?

Well Alicia Reese is not waiting. She has spearheaded a voter bill of rights campaign and tonight I finally met two of the potential petition signature gatherers at a neighborhood association meeting.

Well it’s a start.

We’ll see how the numbers track back around by the end of September.

They’re like unicorns. At least two signature gatherers at every event should do the trick. /snark

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Ohio must restore three early voting days, court says
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The Missing Native Vote
by Stephanie Woodard – In These Times, June 10, 2014

How Ohio’s GOP Sparked a Grassroots Movement to Pass a Voter Bill of Rights
by Arit John – The Wire, June 14, 2014


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