Florida to Indiana: Smart Water Stops Crime

The company Smart Water CSI utilizes a unique feature to deter crime.

A system that employs specific DNA treated water will spray markers for those molecules on potential high value theft targets.

The DNA signature from Smart Water is theoretically supposed to last more around seven years. This leaves open the possibility of innocent people being arrested for Smart Water crimes.

The issue is in the transfer of the DNA molecules from person to person. For instance, if the DNA molecules register, a stolen item can implicate anyone from a yard sale to a pawn store.

Not to mention the legal gray area that this represents to those who are unable to afford an attorney or forced to take a plea deal.

The boatloads of cash to communities running on empty in this age of near poverty allows companies like Smart Water CSI to operate without repercussions from the military-prison industrial complex.

As long as the stock holders are happy, those fear in the 1% feel good. Who cares that innocent people are sent to prison for crimes they didn’t commit by taking plea deals.

Indiana police tap treated water to fight theft
by CHARLES D. WILSON – The Associated Press, Jun. 11, 2014 3:58 AM EDT


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