Eric Holder’s Judicial Thought Crimes Committee

Eric Holder, released a statement about the decision to reimplementation of the Domestic Terrorism Executive Committee within the Department of Justice.

Janet Reno was Attorney General the last time the committee was established under former President Bill Clinton following the Oklahoma City bombing that did not tie up loose ends.

Groups like the ACLU and Project 21 National Advisory Board’s Horace Cooper harken back to the time when many forms of political speech were treated as thought crimes by the establishment and law enforcement.

“We didn’t arrest them (due to their speech). We didn’t try to prevent them from being able to express themselves on campuses, and we didn’t try to prevent them from trying to enter into the public square,” he said. “This administration appears not to appreciate that lesson and says that the groups of people that are not within their particular perspective ought to be considered the very threat … that the real terrorist threat that comes internationally [presents],” said in a WND/Radio America interview with Horace Cooper. Conservative groups aren’t the only one’s to be afraid of the chill on political discourse.

Over the last ten years, many animal rights organizations like the: Earth Liberation Front (ELF), Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have been targets by conservative groups as part of the green scare and Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.

Indigenous Native American groups like the American Indian Movement have also been a target along with Appalachian communities in their efforts to stop the Keystone XL pipeline that Koch Industries wants to operate and create a more ethical coal mine operations in West Virginia.

Last year, two activists were charged with terrorism over glitter that fell from unfurling a sign carried by a group inside the headquarters of Devon Energy in Oklahoma.

Severity of being accused of a crime and being punished before a crime has even been committed flies in the face of equal justice under that law.

Last week, Martin Winters was arrested for bragging that he had made weapons that were unregistered. However, the search of Winters’ home turned up nothing but humble pie for the FBI who put out an arrest warrant on Winters.

With Congress poll numbers slipping into single digits and the population angry at Washington D.C. over foreign and domestic policy. The federal government establishment’s strengthened police state through the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) supplemented by the (Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Terrorists)AUMF, leaves no room for doubt American citizens have been and will continue to be killed and or disappeared without a trial in a court of law.

Slippery slope indeed.

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by Greg Corombos – World Net Daily

Feds Reanimate the Janet Reno–Era ‘Domestic Terrorism Executive Committee’
Jesse Walker – Reason

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Move Aims to Stop Violent Attacks Inside U.S.
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