Pittsburgh Suburb To Hit College Students With Hidden ‘Sin’ Tax

Correction: Indiana, Pennsylvania is a suburb of Pittsburgh.

Indiana borough council will use code enforcement as nuisance property abatement that targets landlord’s properties or when tenants make their neighbors angry.

When the average median income of Indiana, Pennsylvania’ tax base sits at $21,000 / dollars per year and the local government cannot or will not raise property taxes, the next best way to gouge the public is a ‘sin tax.’

Ordinance changes are to be discussed at the next month’s Indiana Borough Council meeting on Tuesday, July 8, 2014 at 7:00 pm.

On Tuesday, William Sutton, introduced a motion at the Indiana Borough council that will work for the Indiana University of Pennsylvania surrounding college area.

Sutton provided examples of the changes in fines for offenders, which could be enacted as early as August:

• For carrying an open container outside at your home, the promised new fines can be up to $100 dollars for the first offense and $300 dollars for any other open container offenses.

• Litter: Promised new fines can be between $50 dollars to $100 dollar fines for the first offense and $300 dollar fines in later litter instances.

• Violations of any noise ordinance between 9 pm to 9 am: A $300 dollar fine is promised with $500 dollar fines for repeat offenders.

• Host a Loud Party: Fines between $600 dollars and $1,000 dollars with a past fine conviction.

Sutton added that after the sixth call to the Police or code enforcers, the new promised ordinance will revoke the occupancy license of the landlord; the landlord who will then also be fined $1,000 dollars after the forth call to the property has been made.

Sutton floated the idea of these changes to reign in the out of control students and partying on campus. However, the changes just might be a stimulus package to control human behavior with control freak measures.

It can be assumed then, the 14,000 year round residents and the 14,000 students cannot get along. Therefore, a collective punishment should be imposed by the Indiana Borough Council and will be forthcoming.

If this is a sin tax, the affect will be greatly felt by the student body and minority groups. For the code enforcement officers to justify their ridiculous position of power and pay for a broke area of 14,000 residents, the office of code enforcement or police must have run out of real crime to fight.

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