Ohio Judge Target Of County Prosecutor’s Witch Hunt

Clyde Bennett II, who represent Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge Tracie Hunter asked Judge Norbert Nadel to dismiss charges.

From the 11 months that Hunter served as a juvenile court judge she has been attacked at every turn in a witch hunt lead by the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s office.

Even before Judge Hunter won her election campaign against loser John Williams (R-OH), Cincinnati’s main newspaper run by the Cincinnati Enquirer, has been attacking her unfairly with the assistance of other news media outlets.

When Hunter uncovered illegal activities within the juvenile court as discovered by Ex-Hamilton County Public Defender Suzannah Meyer who worked for the office for three years until she was fired for putting gum in the juvenile prison pipe, Hunter ran for office.

Meyer says she was fired in 2010 for simple procedural tasks after discovering irregularities in sentencing: amicus crime briefs, motions for discovery, objections, and the subpoena of records from Hamilton County Jobs and Family services.

“I was called into Ray Faller’s office and he told me, ‘The department doesn’t need you any more,’”

Meyer says that the Hamilton County Prosecutor, Magistrates, and Public Defenders asked her to stop filing defense motions. One included a request to get a police dash camera video of a child who was severely beaten by the Cincinnati Police.

On behalf of Meyer’s clients, she says she tried to defend them to the best of her ability and have a right to a fair trial she needed use those motions in court. However, when she would ask for any motion the prosecutor and judges would prevent her from taking any actions.

“My caseload then dropped to Zero,”said Meyer. “How can I defend my client when I can’t file any motion?”

What Meyer received instead was suspicion, silence and a restraining order from a judge not to appear in her courtroom. She was called in later that year and fired.

Hamilton County Joe Deters’ office accuses Hunter of felonies in the say way with charges of: tampering with evidence, forgery and theft in office.

Bennett said both of Deters’ special trial prosecutors, Merlyn Shiverdecker and R. Scott Croswell III, had each worked as Deters’ attorneys in the past.

“They’re in bed with Joe Deters, personally and professionally,” Bennett said. “The special prosecutors should be independent and separate from” Deters’ office.

Thus, the case creates a professional conflict of interest with the prosecutor’s office and the county court.

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