FBI Undercounted Rape 61 Percent Shown In Study

Corey Rayburn Yung, a PhD, University of Kansas School of Law, who studied cases from 1995 to 2012, indicated a pattern in a new study that show FBI/police nationwide undercount and underreport sexual assault.

An incredible figure to fathom stands at over 1-million documented incidents rape and sexual assault.

Women who often report rape feel they are re-victimized when the police investigators proceed to lay blame on the victim for the behavior of the rapist.

Furthermore, officers and detectives have been found to found to ignore rape victims’ pleas, destroy case evidence and mishandle police records that lead to the dismissal of charges.

This is a culture of police that let rape kits sit and backlog develop in favor of other priorities like buying police accessories like surplus military MRAPs and SWAT gear. When priorities should be focused on expediting justice to rape victims and other crimes.

In general the police will ignore women seen as “fringe” consisting of: poor, prostitutes, runaways, trans women, drug addicts, people considered homeless, transient, black and latino.

How did the FBI/Police come to operate this way?

City police departments like New Orleans have rape victims sign a waiver which allows police to investigate rape crimes before an investigation and disappear the rape statistics on paper.

Los Angeles uses “corroboration requirements” and will only investigate winnable court cases.

If Police can determine an actual rape, the waivers make the rape statistic disappear from official police records and absolves them of any responsibility or wrongdoing in following up on the rape investigations.

Some women are frequently accused of lying to investigators while being questioned in regard to being raped. Moreover, Native American women and children face the highest amounts of sexual abuse and are asked about their mental condition and drug habits.

When the rape of men and the military is taken in conjunction with the Departments of Corrections from every state a darker pattern emerges.

The deliberate and systematic tolerance of all rape committed by rapists that operate within the departments of justice and the departments law enforcement.

How else could they exist otherwise out of sigh and out of mind?

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How Did the FBI Miss Over 1 Million Rapes?
by Soraya Chemaly – The Nation

Ohio man sues over 2007 rape in youth prison
by Amanda Lee Myers – Associated Press
Updated 12:52 pm, Friday, June 27, 2014


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