GMA & GMOs Sponsor National Dietician’s Conferences

At the annual conference of the California branch of the nutritionists’ professional organization corporations sponsors try to capture the minds of nutritionists to sell processed food to the health weary public.

Processed fast food might as well be known as junk food but don’t let the GMA hear that processed foods created with genetically modified organisms are deficient of nutrients our bodies’ need.

You can now get less nutrients with 10 % more disease causing Glyphosate with Monsanto inside and more gluten intolerant gut wrenching.

At this confab, the panelists are chosen by the corporate sponsors and inflate the status of a company’s product through a shameless captive audience that is forced to complete continuing education credits. Continuing education in what subsidizing the profits of the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association members and the injuries caused by bad nutritional advice given by corporate sponsors? This can’t be happening, right?

Wrong. Thousands of nutritionists across the country flock to these conventions sponsored by corporations every year.

Furthermore, everyone pretends not to know or care how this is affects the diet of our children in public schools and the overall health of the nation in the grip of the obesity crisis falling all across the country.

Today, restaurants like McDonald’s become choice hospital cafeteria food based on dietician’s recommendations, while physicians frantically mitigate the damage done to the human body from a soup of malnourished products.

The wave of manufacturers at these conferences are like the Hollywood Academy Awards grab bag product freebies or perhaps staged to look like you won The Hunger Games in a food desert. Nevertheless, dieticians do their best not to fight to put freebies into their grab bags for free corporate products like butter buds and chocolates.

There’s even a processed food buffet sponsored by: Sizzler, California Pizza Kitchen and Boston Market. What’s next “Bwando, The Thirst Mutilator Sports Water Fountains?”

What do you call it when a bunch of politicians conspire together with companies, banks and manufacturers?


Yes global fascism is alive and well. Some call it globalization but I call it fascism when none of the workers see one iota of social mobilization through wage theft and fixing schemes.

Some would say that these concepts do not fall under the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) then when does it exactly?

Do they have to make a Wylie E. Coyote diagram map on how they conspire to kill the Roadrunner before law enforcement takes notice?

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“Spire” (by Twilight Tipi)


I Went to the Nutritionists’ Annual Confab. It Was Catered by McDonald’s.
By Kiera Butler – Mother Jones


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