The Temporary Worker Racket Is Legalized Prostitution

Congress grandstands in Washington D.C.about abortion and lawmakers continue open class warfare while it ignores the multitudes of people who are unemployed, underemployed and temporary workers.

This leaves over 100 million people are not gainfully employed and or looking for work in the United States of America. Corporations know the huge pool of extra labor has left a surplus of desperate people, most are single mothers, who are willing to put up with anything just to put food on the table and pay the bills.

This leaves us with little wonder that corporations have little or no respect for the average worker or their families. Each year corporation’s goals are to cut salaried and gainful employment in favor of hourly temp workers with no benefits or civil rights.

This leaves many who have already been attacked by class warfare vulnerable to racist gentrification policies put into place by Wall Street Banks and Hedge Fund Operators.

This leaves those left out of being cut in the position of working harder for less through wage theft schemes and with the stress of eventual burnout or being replaced by a robot, temporary or foreign worker.

This leaves a skilled salaried worker being replaced must train the new worker as an added burden to their own work, while their skilled labor position is siphoned off to an hourly wage slave.

This leaves a worker, only after being replaced by a foreign worker or machine are seeing these steps by the global multinational corporations looked at as destructive to capitalism in real time. Employers can gain all the benefits of a complaint free workforce with none of the disadvantages.

This leaves us with the knowledge that when both perspectives are combined, a bleak and unfulfilled prospect for life begin to emerge. Workers lives and their families are being discarded, murdered and sacrificed in slow motion until they die. This is why corporations developed dead peasant insurance to compensate themselves for every worker that dies from burnout, even bankers are not immune to their company taking out an insurance policy on their life.

This leaves us with little choice but to defend ourselves with civil disobedience and non-violent protest or running for higher office to correct the problems.

Yet the public’s bout with class war hasn’t led to a crime wave on a massive scale in the United States.

Quite the contrary, a crime wave is happening at Wall Street and in Washington everyday against the mainstream day care centers run by mom and pop.

A crime wave that is lead by corrupt politicians, corporate judges, and the police departments is the essence of class warfare.

While temporary workers continue to prostitute themselves with little hope for a return to a quality standard of living, the real adults in the room are starting to combine their forces into boycotts and local worker owned co-ops.

One might suggest a sentence to be looked at ,”We need a ‘blank!’ Now look around at the need of the people in your area and fill in the blank with a group of people and start a business.

Good luck we’ll need you when the time for a reckoning comes.

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“Shipyard Paint Hole” (by Welcome Wizard)


The Republican War on Workers’ Rights
By Cory Robin – Opinion NY Times

Temp Nation: How Corporations Are Evading Accountability, at Workers’ Expense
Michelle Chen


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