In Soviet Connecticut Cops Arrest & Detain Innocent Bystanders

“Been looking for a life so I got an occupation instead” – Occupy Wall St.

So here we have a ruling out of the Connecticut Supreme Court. We might as well call them the nacho supremes with this third world country ruling in a case from August 4th, as reported by Techdirt’s Tim Cushing. I don’t know where he gets his information but I find the readings fascinating.

Don’t let the robes hit you where the blindfold of justice split you. KKKeep it KKKLassy KKKonnecticut.

Connecticut Supreme Court Says State Cops Can Detain You Simply For Being In The Vicinity Of Someone They’re Arresting
from the serving-up-retcons-and-rights-removal dept
Legal Issues
by Tim Cushing
Mon, Aug 4th 2014 3:43am

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