New Pa. Prison By Coal Ash Dump Is A Cancer Farm?

A twelve-month long report by the Human Rights Coalition claims it found that 11 of 17 inmates were diagnosed as having cancer, and 6 with cancer-like symptoms from being exposed daily to coal ash.

The report highlights the 17 cases out of a total 1,986 inmates and houses 677 staff and calls for the facility to be shuttered.

However, I think that the incidence of cancer seems rather low at around 1% of inmates diagnosed with cancer.

Let’s track the math:

Total Population: 1986

Total Affected: 17

= 1969

1969 Divided by Total Population 1986

= .9914

Multiplied by 100 = 99.14% unaffected inmates or around .07 % of inmates affected.

So is there really a cancer farm? Should we care? If they do it to them they’ll do it to everyone is a sound ethical argument.

According to the report, open air and “blowing coal ash” were likely causes for the increase of cancer among inmates at the SCI (State Correctional Institution) Fayette facility. Admittedly, not seeing a full report in the article leaves out the causes for those tiny raw percentages, when a greater amounts of cancer exist among the general population of the United States and pinpointing a direct cause from coal ash needs more support research.

For me now, it seems that those who have had the most control over the fate and well being of prison facilities don’t want reformed or rehabilitated human beings, they prefer sick, dying and dead inmates. Why else would they put toxic chemicals near people who can’t leave?

Wealthy elite conservative politicians on the right look at criminals as evolutionary dead ends like they do the: mothers, infants, homeless, schools, teachers, unions, civil rights, taxes, the leftie tree-hugging, animal terrorist, genetically modified organism hating, nuclear power and war hating ethnic minority that means everybody and anybody. By and large, those grifter gas-lighting thoughts say more about them than it does about everyone else in the United States based on what they believe.

However, it seems that the problem here is one of an ethical dilemma to determine if their cancers are the result of heavy metals from fly ash and coal ash blown through the air.

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Read More:

Coal Ash Blamed for Cancers at Pennsylvania Prison
by David DeKok, Reuters


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One Response to New Pa. Prison By Coal Ash Dump Is A Cancer Farm?

  1. Tim says:

    I think that you should read the report again (or for the first time). The report cites 11 cancer DEATHS from 2010 to 2013, and that 6 prisoners (out of a self-selected 75 prisoner sample) reported being diagnosed with prison. It’s not a scientific study, but those distinctions are important and give your statistical analysis no weight. The 11 cancer deaths between 2010-2013 should not even be included in any calculations, since they have nothing to do with current rates of cancer and do not include overall diagnoses, and if you’re going to include the 6 current diagnoses, it would have to be related to the sample size rather than the total inmate population. Basically, this report does not have enough information to determine how many inmates actually have cancer (as the report repeatedly admits). I agree with the latter portion of your post, but I don’t think that the statistical analysis serves any purpose since it is a flawed method of determining the cancer rate at the prison. Also, if you read the report, there are numerous other serious illnesses mentioned and cancer is a very small focus.

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