Ohio Teacher Struck By Brute Poverty

In Pennsylvania, the devastating effects of poverty aren’t entirely available but, this is where Sharon Budd and her husband Randy’s lives changed forever.

Two teenage brothers stand accused of dropping a rock off a Gray Hill Road overpass in Pennsylvania, the rock fell through the windshield of the vacationing couple and exploded into Sharon Budd’s face.

Every-time this happens is a momentary shock to the short attention span of the public conscience and this a direct result of the massive class warfare by Wall St. on Main Street USA and here’s why. Resentfulness.

Why does poverty breed resentfulness? When poverty is a feature the elite rich use to further exploit workers and victimize those in the grip of poverty to line the stock portfolios for the private prison industry, resentfulness ensues.

Imagine if you will, an infant surrounded by an electric cage. In this definition, resentfulness caused by crushing poverty can be defined as the shock an infant receives when parental care is not materially available or present to prevent the shock of the cage by hiring a caregiver etc. Thus, the child grows up with multiple instances of being prodded by electric shocks given until the child becomes incapacitated by jail or death without parental care. In this scenario, an electric cage can be exchanged for the school to prison pipeline.

The prison industry roughly employs 800,000 slaves err workers. This is half than Walmart’s current 1.4 million but, the mega-store is still country’s greatest competitor against smaller locally owned businesses and minimum wage still pays more than the slave labor at private prisons for now.

Ohio’s economic data is now available for household median income every year between 2008 – 2012. Ohio’s two-income family shows that there is now a staggering loss of $6000 dollars of household income per year beginning in 2012. Obamacare koinky-dink, I hope so.

Across in Pennsylvania, the median income for a household in the Milton borough was $30,252 dollars and for a family was $38,438 dollars. Roughly forty percent of the families in the Milton area were below the poverty line.

The United States Census data for Milton shows males had a median income of $30,636 versus $21,384 dollars for females. The per capita income for the borough was $16,980 dollars. About 10.6% of families and 13.5% of the population were below the poverty line, including 19.0% of those under age 18 and 13.1% of those age 65 or over. With the loss of a tax base, educational opportunities suffer and prisons get funded.

In the United States of America it costs around $9000 dollars every year per child to teach them in public schools. Yet the elite want to spend on average $31000 dollars to incarcerate not rehabilitate people who have committed violent criminal offenses and non-violent criminal offenses. See where this is going?

Shrinking tax bases also lead to less public, policing and emergency services. Little wonder many bored children and young adults have no supervision or extra curricular activities or jobs that are better than flinging rocks off bridges.

With a little luck, maybe at some point the odds are that teens will hit one of the 1-per-centers and kill them. If it sounds like a little bit of the Hunger Games has taken over Wall St. with blood on their hands, you’d be right.

Until then it will be innocent people on Main Street like Sharon Budd who will pay the price for mistakes and mischief done on Wall St.

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Update: Title for the article changed to reflect WWII veteran mispost.


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