A Kentucky Officer Hits The Blue Wall of Bias

When Florence Kentucky Officer Lyndi Trischler got pregnant little did she expect to hit the blue wall of bias.

Women should’ve risen up in vast numbers by now and put their political foot down when it comes to their civil rights being abused no matter the field or employer.

However, we don’t see this happen with the number of women’s health clinics being underfunded, child welfare programs being eliminated and missing education funds. A regressive fundamental change in the political life of women has poisoned its roots and metastasized into a constant mode survival mode sometime after 1980.

This mode has created mothers who sell their children into sex slavery, overlook child sex abuse and find themselves regularly forced into human trafficking in order to survive.

Women in the past, stuck together and were undaunted when they did, there were great changes which happened across the political spectrum. In the past, each woman had been greatly educated on the social and political landscape from multiple points of view.

However, now there is the lack of basic fundamentals needed to stop the psychological and sociological terror inflicted on women by other men and other women.

Human beings are especially thickheaded and like to only seek out what is available around them inside their own comfort zones. Therefore, encouraging others to look at alternative viewpoints will lead everyone to observe and produce better results in the long term all our children can benefit from for generations.

The last thing an employer or a political leader wants to see is close to 60 percent of working women in their work force revolt and wield political power over them and enforce it with gender equality.

Men and employers know most working women cannot afford to quit, demand and be confident. Men utilize social engineering and utilize it to control other women through women at the workplace; women who are treated like prized dolls who order the beaten down workhorses.

A covetousness of one preferred stock or class versus another creates the problematic conditions that establishes inter-generational divisiveness among classes and races of women who hope to reach equality with men. Some would call this resentment.

Men will do anything they can to prevent revolt and maintain resentment to seek out their unbridled and juvenile fantasies against women.

This is why Wall St. bankers and brokers are close to 90 percent men.

The bias in gender gap is not a product of chance, they are a product of a society that is sick and abusive toward women.

Every time a woman leaves business men laugh. Every time a woman is sexually harassed men laugh. Every time a man gets promoted by their frat buddy over a woman, they laugh. When they run to the strip club to wine and dine the next Big Fish at the expense of women, they laugh. They laugh when they spend money to promote candidates for women to vote collectively against their own best interest like: Elizabeth Warren, Hilary Clinton, Michelle Bachmann or Sarah Palin. Each and every time women tithe to religion instead of their own personal retirement savings, they laugh.

Aren’t women sick and tired of being laughed at by men?

First, if there’s one thing men are good at it is this, they will do everything in their power to ruin the political motivation and collective success of a block of women.

Second, they have rigged the economic system so that every time a woman stands up for herself, they will go behind closed doors and do anything they can to remove that woman from influencing other women as a civil rights leader or role model.

Beggars cannot be choosers and choosers will always spit on beggars.

This is why repeat history has shown men will always treat women as little more than disposable arm candy while awaiting that next score, the next fix and hedge fund party.

And this too also must end.

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