Austin Police Officer: Anti-Corruption Activists Now Terrorists

Anti-Corruption activists now considered terrorism and domestic extremism.

For law enforcement eyes only letter \ claims there is an existential threat to police and their families?

Created by an Austin police officer named Justin Berry, the letter details the rise of anti-corruption activities of citizen groups hailed by the FBI as domestic extremists for more dangerous than Sovereign Citizens.

Last week, it was revealed that the Department of Homeland Security New York State Intelligence Center, a fusion center, also named the Oathkeepers organization. Being named another domestic extremist and terrorist group and that members associate with sovereign citizens. The DHS document is called “INFORMATION and INTELLIGENCE PRIVACY POLICY” sets the stage to further crush citizen groups voicing their right to dissent against the government as targets to be destroyed by the very law enforcement organizations across the United States meant to safeguard the constitutional rights of the people.

Who are these police going to crush? They will be groups that are similar in appearance to the Black Panthers or those killed by Argentina’s ‘Operation Condor’ whom Henry Kissinger supported during the September 11, 1973 coup.

These anti-corruption bulletins also create a terrible precedent that of the ‘Bonus Army’ and Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler’s “Business Plot by powerful elite families to bring in fascism and eugenics.

The report also names the Anonymous collective as potential terrorists and domestic extremists. However, there is no organization with Anonymous and there never has been.

How much longer will it be before acts of civil rights are again considered domestic extremist and terrorism?

Read more:

Austin Police Officer Tries To Paint Police Accountability Groups As ‘Domestic Extremists’ In FOIA’ed Emails
by Tim Cushing – Techdirt

***Confidential- Law Enforcement Only***
Breif Synopsis relating to Local Officer Safety Concern, Possible Immanent Threat on Officers and Ther Families


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