Is Cincinnati, Ohio To Begin Social Cleansing?

On Monday, November 10, 2014 the Cincinnati Law and Public Safety Committee met to discusses options to remove: activists, criminals and nuisance properties from their owners.

Under the disguise of targeting distant landlords and criminals, the City of Cincinnati wants to target the poor for destruction with the harassment of code enforcement. This may include: businesses, vacant lots, homes and cars.

A new Ohio law passed in 2014 allows any local government to drag owners into municipal court on the dubious basis for neglect or multiple problems dealing with corrupt local police departments. These new sweeping powers will allow cities unchallenged opportunity to socially cleanse lower income and ethnic and minority residents from Ohio’s cities.

Pit Bull Attack

In June of 2014, in a dramatic video taped by police, a six-year-old girl is mauled by a pit bulls in the Westwood area.

Injuries sustained to Zainabou Drame on the video tape act as a catalyst for new public policies. Outrage by the public contorts city policy to discuss action such as housing court, public curfews, diversion programs for petty property inspection offenses and multiple police calls.

The City of Cincinnati wants to begin to implement gentrification policies applied to lower income and ethnic minority residents without looking soft on crime. If the policy designers of Cincinnati’s past serves as a guide, they show that city leaders will want to also use city policy for social cleansing of lower class residents of Cincinnati.


On the streets of Cincinnati there were multiple shootings. First eyes were laid upon the December, 2013 shooting of a 3-year-old boy from Avondale who died in a hail of bullets. Later, the City of Cincinnati cited other shooting incidents from Avondale (1, 2) and Price Hill in the winter and summer of 2014. The steady rise of street robberies near the University of Cincinnati felt that crime exploded in 2014.

Prostitution Blockade

In April of 2014, City of Cincinnati residents of McMicken Avenue (McM) woke up to police road blocks in an elitist attempt to target prostitution and sex trafficking.

However residents of McM, both young and old, fought back against the aggressive decision by the City of Cincinnati City Council decision brought forth by the Neighborhoods Committee meeting.

Only two original elected officials signed the document to approve the road closure, Amy Murray and Yvette Simpson.


The late 90s, a clumsy and racially awkward elitist ‘Broken Windows Theory’ drafted by social scientists James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling and later adopted by police departments. The fallacy has been lauded by 1% politicians ever since and allows racists to apply indirect racial profiling. Methods of the theory taken by then New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, shows these policies anger the general public and strips citizens of their hard earned valuables.

In the news, it has been reported that 85 percent of those under attack by this theory are black and brown lower class minorities and poor whites. Historic policies of ‘Broken Windows Theory’ like ‘Stop and Frisk,’ Cincinnati’s versions are called ‘Community Initiative to Reduce Violence, CIRV.’

“If we can get the tools in place to aggressively manage those properties that allow or facilitate our violent criminal behavior along with our CIRV effort, I think we have a pretty comprehensive strategy going forward,” Cincinnati Police Department Lieutenant Colonel Lt. Col. Dave Bailey.

However, a shameless and blameless corporate media exists as a lapdog for fraudulent public policies to hide this discourse from discussion by the general public for fear of reprisal and crime.

Rich elites design city social policies for their benefit and policies now stretch from California to New York. In a stark reminder now of how it is now illegal to give food to the homeless in major cities in the United States of America that those policies now criminalize. While elites invest in private prisons and probation services, they write laws to criminalize civil rights which, would in the past be misfeasance and malfeasance in office.

Civil asset forfeiture laws have already begun the transfers of vast amounts of wealth from citizens to police departments nationwide under dubious circumstances.

If law enforcement finds money in large quantities, they seize it and the prosecutor sues the found money in court and charges it with a crime. Even though the money belongs to a person, fees are attached to the person for having the audacity to undergo a trial without a judge being present and claim the money as theirs, so many people cannot afford to choose the option to contest the state seizure of their valuables. Many city police departments across America now have comprehensive shopping list of what valuables are easiest and most desirable: firearms, antiques, guns, cars, houses and electronics.

What can we expect the City of Cincinnati with its’ past track record and history associated with Knights of the Golden Circle and Klu Klux Klan being tolerated in the spheres of social influence in regard to gentrification of the rich, by the rich and for the rich?

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