Philly DHS Cops Raid Student’s Dorm To Sign Forced Confession

A Philly cop called church and student activist against police brutality godless communists for organizing a town hall meeting.

Student and organizer, Laura Krasovitzky told, The Philly Declaration that on December 8th, 2014, the police raid on her dorm by law enforcement over posts discovered on her Facebook wall constituted the need for Krasovitzky to sign a confession of non-violence after the Dec. 2nd town hall.

The over the top Philadelphia Police Department Homeland Security Officer called Calvary United Methodist Church sexton a communist for hosting a town hall meeting to discuss police brutality organized by a student.

Details of innocent activity like avenues of who to contact as agents for change were labeled as threatening individual law enforcement by the Department of Homeland (Stupidity) Security: “targeting” the Christmas Village at Love Park, “targeting” disgraced and rehired Philly cop Jonathan Josey, and “targeting” Commissioner Charles Ramsey in an upcoming protest action. The Dignitary Protection Division detective told Krasovitzky that this was considered threatening, and questioned her regarding any plans for violence against the Commissioner or other persons,” according to Laura Krasovitzky.

A heightened state of alert exists now due to corrupt law enforcement’s own malfeasance, misfeasance and non-feasance. In times of crisis, police depend on Department of Homeland Security is a central compound to circle the wagons and protect their own occupation of the United States of America.

The murders and deaths of a thousands of United States citizens killed by police officers has awoken the public demanding that all who commit a crime be brought to trial.

In the recent past, police officers had been given the benefit of the doubt under scrutiny. However, with new camera technology, but the public scrutiny of the new technology has come under attack as a political tool to identify the problems of habitual problem officers.

Dave Chappelle reminds us when he was arrested in New Orleans shooting a film and was choked by police officers as Jarvis DeBerry of The Times-Picayune tells it:

Chappelle said he was working on his “first movie” here in New Orleans. He was playing a mugger, he said. He was dressed for the part. The movie set was surrounded with police tape. He ducked under it. Then a police officer set upon him and immediately started choking him.

According to the Internet Movie Database, Dave Chappelle played a mugger in the 1993 movie “Undercover Blues,” part of which was filmed in New Orleans. The movie was shot in the summer of 1992. Filming ended the same month Chappelle celebrated his 19th birthday.

One of the women working on the set saw what was happening to the actor and yelled to the police officer that he belonged on the set. After relaxing his hold on Chappelle’s neck the police officer said, according to the comedian, “Well why didn’t he say something?”

The weirdest thing about being a black man being choked by the police, Chappelle said, is that you don’t even wonder why it’s happening. You just think, he said, “OK, here we go.”

I will say that its we can’t say anything about abuse. So it’s not ‘here we go,” but it’s ‘We can’t breathe.’

This week marks the fourth month of protest against police injustice and corruption from all levels of government.

Cop Shows Up At Penn Student’s Room To Question Her About Activist Facebook Post
By Susie Madrak December 12, 2014 9:00 am

Penn Student Questioned at Her Dorm by Philly PD Homeland Security over #FergusonPHL Posts
Dustin SlaughteronDecember 12, 2014

Comedian Dave Chappelle says he was choked by the police in New Orleans: Jarvis DeBerry

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