Beavercreek Police Department Officer Shoved Disabled Woman

On Saturday December 27, 2014: Awakened Cincinnatians, #OpJohnCrawford, #OpTamirRice, #OpJusticeForTamirRice Anonymous held an anti-police and corruption action at the Fairfield Crossing, 3360 Pentagon Boulevard, Beavercreek, OH 45431 at around 3pm. #OpAnonVerdict addressed perceived crimes and cover ups by law enforcement and and held responsible’ corrupt and homicidal members of law enforcement’ putting them on notice ‘that they are no longer safe to commit crimes with impunity.’

Last weekend on December 20, 2014, the action inside the Beavercreek Walmart saw a half-dozen or more people arrested by law enforcement as Walmart called a code blue for a store evacuation. Code blue is the bomb threat code. The spillage of protesters there were pushed outside into the street by law enforcement who threatened mass arrests.

Beavercreek Police Shove, Then Threaten Woman In Wheelchair At Protest For Not Leaving Quickly Enough

The overflow of people into the parking lot left one young man arrested for standing in the parking lot asking questions to law enforcement. Beavercreek police arrested one woman after she inquired why the man was arrested after she had a police SUV back into her while in the parking lot.

One example from December 24, 2014 at the Beavercreek mall shows a pictured Beavercreek mall guard or police officer giddy to stomp on and defile a banner for Eric Garnerpictured Beavercreek mall guard or officer giddy to stomp on and defile a banner of ‘Eric Garner’s name.’ They also shoved an 8-yo boy and threatened to arrest a 14-yo photographer while also arresting a media photographer.

The police then knocked down and arrested a well-known former University of Dayton Law Professor and protester Vernellia R. Randall. She couldn’t move fast enough so an officer violently tackled Randall to ground. Another woman at the mall, Christine Wade, was in a wheelchair when she was shoved at the protest.

There was no word on whether the those arrested were kept the duration of the weekend in jail and through Christmas Eve. The escalating Beavercreek Police Department violence have the protesters calling Beavercreek ‘New Ferguson.’

We must continue these events so people will not forget what happened to John Crawford.

Beavercreek Protests Demanding Justice For John Crawford Continue At Walmart Saturday
December 26, 2014 8:31 pm
by Zeidy David and Moreh B.D.K.

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