Trans-Pacific Partnership Fast Track & The Looming Doom

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) could cost us our internet freedom, labor rights, access to affordable medicine, the safety of our food, and protections that keep our water and air clean.


How Will the TAFTA/TPP Affect Government Budgets?

George Kahale III,  in Washington, D.C. around the end of March, brought his worst fears out of the dark and into the light for discussion as the highlight speaker for the Eighth Annual Juris Investment Treaty Arbitration Conference.

Also, one of the top trade and legal experts at the CATO Institute, he views the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement and its brother from hell the Trans-Pacific Partnership as an undue budget expense.

He suggests, both trade treaties aim to allow corporations to file damage claims against nations for refusing global corporations free access to natural resources and to pollute the environment to hell-scape levels.

However, this will leave large looming black holes that will be unaccountable in budgetary analysis for future planning. This places all the future of trade and governmental decision-making into the hands of greedy investors and corporations. Corporations’ bottom-line is to turn a profit at the expense and suffering of other human beings or the environment.

Kahale’s Dire warning serves as one of many primary examples of why corporate entities cannot be trusted to be allowed to privatize public and natural resources at the cost to individual liberty and national security.

This is also why we must find, utilize, implement and phase out the best national regulations of many nations. Each nation needs an civilian-driven independent global regulatory monitoring body with real power to reign in industry and unionize human labor on a global scale.

Top Arbitration Lawyer Says Corporate Sovereignty System Needs ‘Complete Overhaul’
by Glyn Moody
Thu, May 15th 2014 12:37am

George Kahale III
Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP – New York


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